Wedding Tuxedos for Men: Prince William + Other Male Celebrities

Wedding Tuxedo For Men. Are you wondering about what wedding tuxedo to wear when your best friend ties the knot? Well, you might gain some fashion style ideas from what Prince William is wearing when he and girlfriend Kate Middleton attended a friend’s wedding.

wedding tuxedo for men prince william fashion style

Very appropriate for the occasion, huh?

tuxedo suits to wear during wedding

Want more men’s tuxedo suits? Well, check out our post on celebrity tuxedo suits.

David Beckham’s Tuxedo Suit at the Royal Wedding (01 May 2011). Footballer David Beckham wore a Ralph Lauren morning suit at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding of the Decade. His wife, on the other hand, wore a dress which she herself designed. Both received brickbats from the fashion police for how they looked. David was criticized for wearing his OBE medal on the right instead of on the left while Victoria was blasted by the snobbish fashionistas for wearing a simple unadorned dress.

wedding tuxedo for men david beckham

Fashion critics are silly ain’t they? They have a point about David’s medal because there’s a royal protocol to those kinds of things but they were just being mean to Victoria as we see nothing wrong with her dress.

Another celebrity who wore a Ralph Lauren wedding tuxedo and this time to his own wedding is stand-up comedian and actor Hayes MacArthur. Check out the photo below of Hayes and his bride actress Ali Larter.

wedding tuxedo for men hayes macarthur

What do other famous men wore during their weddings? Well, Tom Cruise got himself a custom-made Armani tuxedo. [Question: Isn’t everything about Tom Cruise “custom-made”? Answer: Nah, it’s only this tuxedo he wore to this wedding and all the shoes he wears everyday. Heheh.]

tom cruise wedding tuxedo for men

For his part, former tween celebrity Kevin Jonas (remember him?) of the Jonas Brothers (remember them?) opted for a Brooks Brothers tuxedo suit when he tied the knot with then-girlfriend and now-wife Danielle Deleasa.

celebrity wedding tuxedo for men

Lastly, let’s check out Michael Vartan’s two-button wedding tuxedo suit by Giorgio Armani during his wedding to Lauren Skaar. Looking good, huh?

wedding tuxedo for men michael vartan

Which of these celebrity wedding tuxedos is your favorite?

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