Prada Sunglasses for Men & Women: Chic Celebrity Style

What did you think of Katy Perry’s Prada Postcards Sunglasses? Loved it? Hated it? Or did you, like our friend Kevin, just go “Meeh. It’s nothing special.” We wonder what Kevin will say about Julius Becker’s Prada sunglasses below. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Celebrities With Prada GlassesĀ (26 September 2011). Here are some Hollywood celebrities who were spotted wearing Prada sunglasses:

Mischa Barton’s Prada Sunglasses 54IS: Is Mischa over-accessorized in this photo taken at the Cannes Film Festival? We like her trendy and stylish Prada aviator sunglasses though.

LeAnn Rimes Wears Prada Sunglasses 62LS: When she went do do some shopping, controversial country singer LeAnne Rimes opted to wear a pair of oversized Prada 62LS sunglasses.

Taylor Swift’s Prada Sunglasses PR21IS: Look who’s wearing a pair of fabulous Prada Sunglasses PR21IS? It’s Kanye West’s BFF (joke, joke) Taylor Swift! She looks pretty cool with the glasses which is kind of a surprise because we thought she’d be “swallowed” by the size of that oversized eyewear.

Of course, them Hollywood girls are not the only ones who love them their Prada eyewear. Hollywood boys are not far behind when it comes to Prada lovin’. Check out the following male celebrities looking cool in their Prada sunglasses.

Did we say “cool” maybe we should take that back for Chuck actor Zachary Levi is the embodiment of “uncool” in the photo below. What a big mouth, he certainly can give Julia Roberts a run for her money. Hehe.

By the way, Zachary’s eyewear above is a Prada 75GS Sunglasses which was also seen on American swimmer, Michael “He With The Tons of Olympic Gold Medals” Phelps.

Which do you think is cooler and more chic, Zac and Michael’s Prada 75GS or Justin Timberlake’s aviator style Prada 61GS Sunglasses.

We think Justin’s 61GS is more chic but only because its apparently the sunglass of choice by our idol, Stevie Wonder. Check out Stevie in his Prada 61GS Sunglasses. Now, that’s the embodiment of “cool”, right?