Ellen Degeneres Rolex Watch: Datejust and GMT Master II

Ellen Degeneres Rolex Watch: Datejust and GMT Master II. What do Elizabeth Hurley, Elle Macpherson, Charlize Theron, and Ellen Degeneres have in common? Well, all these famous celebrities are what we call Rolex Girls who’ve been snapped by the cameras wearing Rolex watches.

Here’s our ex-American Idol judge and TV host Ellen Degeneres wearing her Rolex Datejust on an Oyster bracelet.

ellen degeneres rolex datejust

Ellen, with wife Portia, wearing her Rolex GMT Master II with the Baguette Diamond and Black Sapphire Bezel.

ellen degeneres rolex gmt master ii

Very nice couple.

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Ellen Degeneres’ Denim Jacket: Is That a Levi’s?
20 February 2010


Deena and I are arguing about the denim jacket that Ellen Degeneres wore during her first day on American Idol. I think it’s Levi’s and I’m basing my hunch on the red tag on her jacket but Deena insists that it’s not Levis at all. Of course, Deena being Deena she is not saying what brand it is. She’s just saying it’s not Levi’s. She doesn’t play fair, does she?

What do you think? What brand of denim was Ellen wearing?


Ellen Degeneres: Speech at Tulane University – Video
26 May 2009

Wow. What a beautiful speech. Never thought anyone can make a speech that’s equally hilarious, and inspiring, and beautiful. Go Ellen, you did a great job. Love, yah.


Katy Perry-Ellen Degeneres – I Kissed a Girl
20 March 2009

Look who’s singing together in the bathroom a-la Rin on the Rox? It’s Katy Perry and Ellen Degeneres, that’s who. We love these two so we decided to upload their video :-)


Are Ellen and Portia Having a Baby?
20 February 2009

That would be awesome if they do. The Daily Telegraph reports: “First came love, then came marriage and now comes talk of a baby carriage for Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres – who has said she is keen to live on a farm once her US talk show contract expires in 2010 – and her Aussie partner are gearing up to undergo fertility treatment to start a family, US gossip sites claim.”

The report adds: “De Rossi is expected to carry the child. It contradicts statements DeGeneres, now 51, made in 2007 when she said it would be ‘really selfish’ not to adopt.”

Well, they can still adopt even if they conceive a baby of their own. It’s working out well for Brad and Angie.

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