Prada Deerskin Bag: Sandra Bullock and Other Celebrities

Prada Deerskin Bag: Sandra Bullock and Other Celebrities. What’s that bag Sandra Bullock is holding while she begs Ryan Reynolds to marry her in The Proposal? That’s a Prada Deerskin bag, baby. While we’re on the subject of celebrity bags of Sandra Bullock, and of The Proposal movie, you should check out Sandra’s Hermes Birkin bag too.

prada deerskin bag

Here’s a closer look at a Prada Deersking bag like Sandra’s totebag above. It’s a different color though.

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Prada Mens Sweater: Celebrities Wearing Prada

Prada Mens Sweater: Celebrity Edition. It’s fun to see fashion blogger Bryanboy wearing this Prada sweater from the label’s Spring/Summer collection. Is he on the route to “celebrityhood”? Hardly. We think he’s the equivalent of D-Lister Kathy Griffin in the fashion world except that Kathy is no longer in the D-List.

prada mens sweater bryan boy

Anyhoo, let’s move from Bryanboy to real male celebrities wearing Prada sweaters. Taylor Lautner, who’s launching a post-Twilight solo career via a mystery/thriller movie Abduction, wore a Prada pullover sweater during a photoshoot for GQ Magazine.

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Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket and Jeans

Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket and Jeans. The gorgeous Chris Pine goes all-Prada in this recent photoshoot for GQ Magazine. Yes our Chris is wearing a Prada leather jacket, a pair of Prada denim jeans, and a white Prada t-shirt. It would be safe to bet that he’s also wearing a pair of Prada briefs underwear underneath them pants.

Celebrities Wearing Prada Leather Jacket chris pine

Want to take the bet?

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Celebrity Prada Dresses: Spring Summer & Fall Winter Collections

Which of these celebrity Prada dresses do you like the most. Let’s start with famous women in Prada’s fall/winter collections, shall we? Specifically, let’s begin with Imogen Poots. The British actress who appeared in horror movies such as 28 Weeks Later and the re-make of Fright Night is looking stunning in her Prada Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-to-Wear White Button Dress.

To be honest, we’re still deciding whether we like Imogen’s dress better than Elizabeth Olsen’s Crepe de Chine Dress which is also from the Prada Fall/Winter 2012 RTW Womens Wear Collection. Deena likes Elizabeth’s dress better while Kevin leans more towards Imogen’s. We’re loving both dresses so maybe we’d just give them an equal score of 10 which means they’re perfect.

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