Seven Pink Underwear for Men: CK, Diesel, Bjorn Borg, Teamm8

Pink Underwear For Men. Who says men should not wear pink underwear? Not British male model Simon Howard. And don’t make the mistake of calling him “girly” for wearing pink. The dude is reportedly a British karate champion so he can kick your manly ass wrapped in your manly underwear if you call him “girly”.

pink underwear for men simon howard

Want to make a bold fashion statement with your underwear, check out the following: Tickle Me Elmo underwear, Mickey Mouse underwear, and the Hello Kitty underwear. Now, if you want some help to get packed down there, then you must try these men’s enhanced underwear. [Note: Oops sorry, some links are deleted].

Pink Underwear For Men (2020 Update). Did you read that news report about how the sales for pink men’s underwear has gone up these past few years? Apparently, according to the report anyway, as the world economic crisis deepens more men are buying more colorful underwear to cheer themselves up. They’re not totally saying goodbye to your classic white underwear or your black boxers and gray briefs, they’re just expanding their options.

A pretty good indication that men are buying pink underwear these days is the growing number of brands that now design men’s pink undies. It’s no longer the novelty underwear brands that’s making them, established names in menswear such as Calvin Klein and Puma have pink underwear in their product line.

Want to buy a pair of pink boxer briefs presented to you by Calvin Klein Underwear.

pink underwear for men calvin klein

Awww. Who’s the model below? His eyes are so expressive.

calvin klein pink briefs for men

The next one is our favorite CK pink undies.

calvin klein pink underwear for men

What about getting yourself this hot Puma pink underwear for men?

mens pink underwear by puma

Or maybe you’d rather have a Diesel striped pink briefs?

pink underwear for men by diesel

Another piece from Puma.

diesel mens pink underwear

Newly established underwear brands such as Bjorn Borg and Aussiebum are also in on the action when it comes to mens pink underwear. Here’s one from tennis-star-turned-successful-designer Bjorn Borg.

pink underwear for men by bjorn borg

Then there are brand names we’ve never heard of before either because they’re really new or because they’re not that popular yet. You know, like Teamm8 underwear which, we think, is an Aussie label.

teamm8 pink underwear for men

Let us end this post with our favorite mens pink underwear photo. Here’s Jay Conroy wearing a pink Jeff Banks underwear to race awareness for cancer.

jeff conroy pink underwear by jeff banks

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