Pete Yurkowski Shirtless Survivor Muscle Hunk: Is He Gay?

Pete Yurkowski Shirtless Survivor Muscle Hunk: Is He Gay? Our friend Kevin has a new reality-TV boyfriend. Who? Why, it’s that muscular hunk Pete Yurkowski in the newest edition of the granddaddy of reality shows, Survivor, which was filmed in the Philippines.

pete yurkowski muscle washboard abs

With his washboard abs and all, we can see why Kevin is liking this guy.

pete yurkowski survivor

Hey look, we have a peekabo underwear sighting. Like the other Survivor Hunks we covered before, we expect to see Pete drop his pants and do challenges wearing nothing but his underwear in the coming episodes of Survivor Philippines. Hehe. How pervy are we?

pete yurkowski underwear

The pic above is our favorite Pete Yurkowski shirtless photo. Now, he deserves some fashion props for rocking his yellow beach shorts. Not a lot of guys can rock yellow.

pete yurkowski shirtless survivor philippines

As it happens, Pete is receiving some “fan love” at survivorsucks. Granted some of that “love” is sarcasm but he’s got some of the liveliest threads on Sucks which is probably the best forum when it comes to Survivor.

Because he is hot and hunky, there’s some speculation going around the internets that Pete is gay. Yup, that’s the way the world is now; if you are hot and hunky, people will assume that you are gay. We gotta admit though that there’s some kind of basis for such assumption: See Ricky Martin, Rock Hudson, and George Clooney who admitted that he is 2/3s gay in our post Is George Clooney Gay?

So does Pete pass the “is he gay” test? Hah! What did the Malaysian Education Ministry say about how you could “spot” a gay man? It said that a man is gay if he has “a muscular body” and likes to show his body “by wearing V-neck and sleeveless clothes”.

We’ve already seen in the pics above that Pete has a muscular body so there’s no question about his “muscularity” (apparently its a word). Does he like to show his body by wearing V-necks and sleeveless shirts? Check and check. See the photos as evidence below. Haha.

Pete in V-Neck shirt.

pete yurkowski gay v neck shirt

And here’s Pete in a sleeveless shirt.

pete yurkowski shirtless

So there. Based on the Malaysian Education Ministry’s clues on who is gay, there is no question that Pete is gayer than George Clooney. Joke. Joke.

Pete Yurkowski Shirtless Survivor Muscle Hunk: Is He Gay? Posted 21 September 2012.