Parker Young Underwear, Speedo and Shirtless Photos

Parker Young Underwear, Speedo and Shirtless Photos. We’ve found a new television boyfriend and his name is Parker Young. Deena alerted us about him and told us that he stars on Suburgatory which we don’t watch and which we must now start watching to catch a glimpse of this Arizona boy.

parker young wet suit- 26th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon 2012

Apparently, he loves to take off his shirt on the ABC show and dance a-la Channing Tatum on Magic Mike. Yay!

parker young car wash - shirtless

What’s not to like, huh? Wait, there’s more! He apparently plays the role of a dumb wrestling jock which means he’s sometimes seen in his singlet. Yay again!

parker young spandex - suburgatory

Want to see him in a skimpy Speedo? Here’s a video advert featuring our 24 year old hunk in an itsy bitsy yellow banana hammock.

LOL. Now that’s a smart advert. Do you think Parker needs the help of Photoshop artists in real life? Now, we know you also want some still photos of Parker in his Speedos so here you go.

parker young speedo

Before he made it to the small screen, Parker did some modeling and reportedly did some work for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and (2)xist. Too bad we can’t find his modeling pics for said underwear brands but we’d be vewwy vewwy interested to see him in a pair of really skimpy 2xist briefs. We know he’ll rock it. Hehe. [Want to see some celebrities wearing 2xist underwear?]

Anyhoo, let’s appreciate Parker’s shirtlessness and prettiness with the aid of Santa Claus. Hehe.

parker young no shirt

Look at them biceps.

parker young muscle shirt bulging biceps

Deena says Parker looks like Tim Tebow but we think he reminds us more of Chris Hemworth aka the god of thunder and lightning.

parker young sexy tank top shirts

Parker Young Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? What kind of underwear does our hunky actor like to wear? We don’t know what he prefers IRL but his character, Private First Class Randy Hill, in Enlisted likes him his boxer shorts. Here are screencaps of Parker Young in boxer shorts underwear from the TV show:

Inspection time!

parker young underwear - boxer shorts1

Closer look at Parker Young’s boxers underwear.

parker young underwear - boxer shorts2

Hey Parker, watchu watching on your laptop? Something against military regulations perhaps?

parker young underwear - boxer shorts5 - enlisted

Parker closes his laptop when he was surprised by a superior.

parker young underwear - boxer shorts4 - enlisted

Good thing he’s watching this and not something else. Hehe.

parker young underwear - boxer shorts3 - enlisted2

We’d update this in the future if we come across more Parker Young underwear photos.