Celebrities Wearing 2xist Underwear: Eric Dane and Daniel Geale

Celebrities Wearing 2xist Underwear: Eric Dane and Daniel Geale. Are there any celebrities who wear 2xist underwear? Well, we already blogged about Daniel Craig’s underwear, but aside from the James Bond star another Hollywood celebrity who was spotted wearing a 2xist underwear is Greys Anatomy actor Eric Dane who we’ve also seen in a peekabo Calvin Kleins.

celebrities wearing 2xist underwear eric dane

Of course, we should not forget world boxing champion Daniel Geale who was hired as the celebrity spokesmodel for 2xist. Daniel, for those of you not familiar with him is the current International Boxing Federation (IBF) middleweight champion after he beat Germany’s Sebastian Sylvester, then the reigning champ. Daniel’s exploits in the ring includes bagging a gold medal in the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

daniel geale 2xist underwear

We think it’s an inspired choice on the part of 2xist to get Daniel as their international spokesmodel. After all, not a lot of celebrities bare their underwear as part of their job as Daniel does during weigh-ins, no?

celebrities wearing 2xist underwear daniel geale

Now, the next guys are technically not what you’d call “celebrities” but they are part of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. We are including them here because they attempted to demonstrate the impact of one of 2xist’s most popular product, the 2xist FORM body shaper.

This is what you look like before you get yourself a 2xist body shaper.

And this is the “After” effect of the garment. Miracle of miracles, you’ve bot some awesome six-pack washboard abs.

White Underwear for Men: 2xist Briefs, Boxers, and Long Johns
23 August 2010

What did we say about the advantages of men wearing white underwear as opposed to black undies? We think we said that black underwear tends to de-emphasize your package (it kinda just shrinks your you-know-what) while white underwear does not.

The disadvantages of white briefs or boxers? Well, they get dirty more easily and their stains are more challenging to wash away. But isn’t this a better deal than a shrinked package?

Anyhoo, check out these white briefs and boxers from 2xist Underwear.

Celebrities Wearing 2xist Underwear: Eric Dane and Daniel Geale. Posted 15 August 2011. Updated 23 May 2017.