Linus Thornblad Shirtless: High Jump Hunk in Spandex

Linus Thornblad Shirtless: High Jump Hunk in Spandex – Gay or Straight? Let’s add Swedish high jumper Linus Thornblad to our list of male celebrities who loves them their low rise jeans. Hmm, maybe we should also add him to our list of guys who love them their Calvin Kleins.

linus thornblad shirtless underwear

For those of you who are not familiar with this Swedish hunk, here’s his wikipedia info:”Linus Thörnblad (born 6 March 1985 in Lund) is a Swedish athlete competing in high jump. He won the bronze medal at the 2006 IAAF World Indoor Championships. Thörnblad started high jumping at age 16 jumping 2.06 m his first year. Two years later he jumped 2.30 m. Swedish media expect Linus to take over the throne of comrade Stefan Holm after the latter quit.”

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Andrew Horton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Jupiter’s Legacy

Andrew Horton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Jupiter’s Legacy. Who wants another spandex-wearing world-saving superhero? Well, say hi to Brandon Sampson aka Paragon who will be coming to Netflix via its upcoming show Jupiter’s Legacy.

Okay, admittedly, we know little about the provenance of the series so we do not really know if Paragon is a superhero but with outfits like the one he is wearing below, we are making a good guess that he is indeed one. Or maybe he is a god? After all, ain’t Jupiter the supreme God of the Romans?

andrew horton as brandon sampson - jupiters legacy

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Tyler Seguin Girlfriend? Plus Shirtless Photos

Tyler Seguin Shirtless and Girlfriend, Part II. So, how’s our imaginary hockey beau doing these days? Over five years since we blogged about him, we’re happy to note that his career is thriving, that he look’s as hot as ever, and that he’s got himself a girlfriend. Yay!

So, career-wise, he continues to play with the Dallas Stars having signed, in 2018, a lucrative eight-year contract extension with the team amounting to $78.8 million. He played at the NHL All-Star Game in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020 and was a member of the Canadian national team which won the 2015 Hockey World Championships.

Did we mention he is hot AF when he’s shirtless:

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Joseph Lee Anderson Shirtless, Hot Shorts, Girlfriend

Joseph Lee Anderson Shirtless, Hot Shorts, Girlfriend. Aside from Bradley Constant, another actor starring on the NBC sitcom Young Rock is Joseph Lee Anderson who is playing Dwayne Johnson’s dad, Rocky Johnson.

For those who don’t know, Dwayne is actually not the first wrestling superstar in the family as his father was a star in his own right. Oh, also, Dwayne’s maternal grandfather Peter Maivia is also a wrestling legend who was a tag team partner for Rocky Johnson.

Anyhoo, here’s a still photo of Joseph Lee Anderson as Rocky Johnson.

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Parker Young Underwear, Speedo, and Shirtless Photos

Parker Young Shirtless Update. Look who’s got himself a gig as one of the leads of a CBS comedy show? It’s one of our early imaginary boyfriends, the Speedo-lovin’ Parker Young. We first blogged about him back in 2013 and, seven years later, his Hollywood career has gone swimmingly. To date, he’s got 36 acting credits to his name on IMDB including the aforementioned CBS sitcom, The United States of Al.

Oh, by the way, we should mention in this update that Parker is now a daddy. Two years ago, in July 2018, he and fiancee Stephanie Weber welcomed their daughter Jaxon Orion Young and introduced her to the world. Awwww!

Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending a Hollywood event. Apparently, they’ve been in a relationship since they were in high school proving to skeptics that high school love can mature too.

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Christian McCaffrey Shirtless, Underwear, Sponsors, Earnings

Christian McCaffrey Shirtless and Underwear Photos, Part II. We are updating this post in less than a month because our football hunk has done a modeling gig for the men’s fashion bible.

By men’s fashion bible, we mean GQ Magazine. And by modeling gig, we mean Christian posing in various states of undress. Like, you know, him sitting down in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, or him standing in the hallway with a towel wrapped around his waist, or him simply chilling in a pair of short shorts.

Of course, he models fully clothed too but we know that the Famewatcher THOTs among us (headed by their head cheerleader Deena) are less interested in those. Anyhoo, here are said photos. But you should also check out his GQ interview because he comes across as a smart and thoughtful young man.

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