Outdoor Clothing for Men: Camp David Winter Menswear

Outdoor Clothing for Men: Camp David Winter Menswear. Looking for outdoor clothing for men? Well, let’s check out these mens outdoor outfits from the German clothing company, Camp David. The photos show male models (please ID them if you know their names) camping out in the Canadian woods somewhere in Vancouver.

outdoor clothing for men - camp david menswear in canada

Don’t you just love a man who knows how to live with nature. We are especially liking this guy with parka.

camp david winter menswear

This next guy is more of a preppy time than an outdoorsy dude, no? But we’re only saying this because of that thing — is it a shawl or a scarf — around his neck.

outdoor clothing for men winter

Awww. Our silent type taciturn hunk of a man!

outdoor clothing for men autumn

Okay, is it me or do these photos also remind you of that great gay cowboy movie, Brokeback Mountain?

outdoor clothing for men camp david clothes

Are you two goin’ fishin’ at Brokeback Mountain. But you don’t really go there to fish, do you?

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African Safari Menswear: Camp David Fashion Style (10 January 2011). What should you wear when you go for an African safari tour? Nothing bright and loud that would attract the animals. Nothing dark because dark clothes trap the heat and you don’t want to be hotter than you already are. Nothing white because they stain or soil easily.

african safari menswear

Instead go for earth-toned colors because they help you blend in. In short, go for something similar to what these guys are wearing.

african safari menswear camp david

african safari menswear nature resort

african safari menswear camp david

Photos are from the German menswear label, Camp David. For more of this label’s outfits, check out these yachting clothes for men, these guys in blue jeans wearing Camp David denims, and these Camp David men’s jackets.

Outdoor Clothing for Men: Camp David Winter Menswear. Posted 19 December 2010. Last updated: January 27, 2020 at 9:31 am. Photos courtesy of campdavid.de