Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models

More Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models (2020 Update). Turns out that we did not include these guys in our initial post. Props to our friend Kevin for alerting us but no thanks to him for insisting that we do an update on male models and celebrities wearing Ralph Lauren undies even if we’d rather binge watch Outer Banks.

First, check out Tyson Beckford and his pals rocking their white boxer briefs underwear. What are they doing exposing their undies outside?

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - tyson beckford

Chad Nittler ponders the mysteries of the universe while wearing nothing but his Ralph Lauren tighty whitie briefs.

polo ralph lauren male underwear models chad nittler

Toby Sandeman and Terron Wood look good in their print ad. Why is Terron holding a pair-less shoe though?

polo ralph lauren male underwear models toby sandeman

Our imaginary boyfriend Andrew Cooper is waiting for us by the door.

polo white underwear boxer briefs on male model andrew cooper

Alex Cunha proves that you can do your household tasks like washing dishes in your undies.

Alex Cunha polo ralph lauren underwear2

Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models (9 December 2013). Time for another post about men’s underwear coming from fashion houses and, this time, let’s focus on Polo Ralph Lauren and its male underwear models on the runway, in print advertisements, and in magazine editorials.

Who of these guys is your favorite? Which of these Polo Ralph Lauren underwear do you already have in your closet? If none, which of them would you like to buy to add in your or your man’s wardrobe? Finally, what do you think of Justin Bieber and his peekabo Polo Ralph Lauren underwear below?

celebrities wearing ralph lauren underwear - justin bieber

Hehe. The Bieber question came out of left field, no? Makes no sense because he’s no underwear model but we gotta ask the question simply because we want to include his pic. Anyhoo, let’s now check out your favorite male underwear models for the American fashion house, Polo Ralph Lauren.

Willy Monfret. This Paris-born French-Carribean hunk headlined a Polo Ralph Lauren advertising campaign last year. The son of a French mom and a Carribean dad, Willy comes from the island of Guadeloupe. He’s pretty hot, huh?

polo ralph lauren male underwear models - Willy Monfret

An unnamed model walk the runway for Polo Ralph Lauren during the label’s at the Fall/Winter 2012 Paris Fashion Week.

polo ralph lauren underwear runway model - paris fashion week fw 2012

Terron White modeling a Polo Ralph Lauren organic underwear. Remember the kinda silly organic underwear “trend” a few years back? To be honest, we still don’t get it. Anyhoo, another hunk who starred in a campaign for this organic thingie is the curly-haired Doug Porter. Check him out in our earlier post, Organic Underwear for Men.

terron wood ralph lauren organic underwear

Hey loo, it’s one of our favorite rugby-player-turned-model Thom Evans posing in Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs for an Attitude Magazine photo. He’s oh-so-shaggable as always.


Can you ID our next male model cutie? If you can, please do so in the comments.

ralph lauren sexy male underwear model boxers - who is he

Vinny Graham is a male model from Syracuse, New York. Confession: We had to crop this photo because it will scandalize our grandmama. Hehe.

vinny graham ralph lauren underwear

Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models. Posted 9 December 2013. Last updated: April 25, 2020 at 6:21 am.