Older Men With Washboard Abs or Sculpted Six-Packs

Older Men With Washboard Abs or Sculpted Six-Packs. You think only young guys have washboard abs? Of course not. Sylvester Stallone can “out-ab” most guys in their 20s/30s. Can you believe he’s now 67 years old? The still photo above is from the 2012 movie, Bullet to the Head. If there’s an award for World’s Best Abs for Men in Their 60s, such award will definitely go to Sly.

older men washboard sixpack - Sylvester Stallone - 67 yo bullet to the head

Anyhoo, aside from the action star, here are 10 other older men aged 40 years old and above, who sport some washboard abs that most men can only dream about.

Aaron Eckhart. We first fell in love with him in Erin Brokovich when he was only 32 years old. He’s now 45 years old but looks more buffed than when he was in his 30s, no? The photo below is from Aaron’s his latest movie — I, Frankenstein — where he plays the role of Adam Frankenstein.

45 year old man with sixpack washboard abs - aaron eckhart in i frankenstein

Justin Theroux. Justin Theroux was stolen from his girlfriend by an older B-List actress who uses her relationships to stay on the pages of gossip magazines. Justin is looking good at 40, huh?

40 year old guy six pack washboard - justin theroux

Christian Slater. Did 44-year-old Christian Slater take a sabbatical? We haven’t heard of him these past few years but he’s back as Joe’s father in the upcoming film, Nymphomaniac. Watch out for it in December this year.

44 years old washboard abs - christian slater in nymphomaniac movie

Bruce Springsteen. Now 64 years old, this rock icon was spotted taking a break at the Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro. His abs may not be as defined as Sly’s but we’d be very happy indeed if our much younger but couch-bound boyfriend has abs like Bruce’s. [NOTE: Image Deleted.]

Dylan McDermott. If Stallone gets the award for having the “World’s Best Abs for Men in Their 60s”, then Dylan earns the trophy for having the “World’s Best Abs For Men in Their 50s”. Pic below is from American Horror Story.

Dylan McDermott 51 years old shirtless hunk with washboard abs

Gavin Rossdale. Spouses Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani must workout together because they both have enviable washboard abs. Check out Gavin’s below and Gwen’s in a post we wrote earlier: Women With Washboard Abs.

Gavin Rossdale abs at 44 years old

Hugh Jackman. There can’t be an article about men with sexy washboard abs that does not include the 44-year-old Hugh Jackman, right?


Lee Byung Hon. Forty-three-year old South Korean actor Lee Byung Hon sizzles in this still photo from his 2013 movie, Red 2. Yum…..my!

Lee Byung-hun washboard abs 2013 - 43 years old

Shemar Moore. Another yummy 43-year-old hunk is Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore.

older guys with washboard abs shemar-moore 43 years old

Ian Ziering. Look who’s landed a gig with the male strip group, Chippendales? It’s Beverley Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering. His gig, as a host and guest headliner, was extended because of popular demand. Yay for our 49-year-old hottie!

older men with washboard abs Ian Ziering 49 years old

Paul Walker. Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, 40, sizzles in this commercial for Davidoff.

paul walker washboard abs at 40 - davidoff commercial

Do you know any more celebrities, aged 40 years old and above, who should be included in this list? Do tell in the comments.

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