Young Guys With Washboard Abs: Hollywood Sculpted Six Packs

Young Guys With Washboard Abs: Hollywood Sculpted Six Packs. Who of your favorite Hollywood young male celebrities are keeping themselves healthy by going to the gym and, in the process, developing washboard abs that are the envy of their peers? For most people, Twilight’s Taylor Lautner would be the one that comes to mind when they think about young and fit male celebrities.

But here are other 17 young stars, aged 25-years-old and under, who have equally sexy washboard abs. First up is Taylor’s Twilight co-star Booboo Stewart. Can you believe that this former child star is now 19 years old?

young guys with washboard abs booboo stewart

Australian singer and reality TV contestant Adil Memon was 18 years old when he showed off his six-pack abs during his run in the 2012 edition of X Factor Australia.

adil memon six pack - then 18 years old - x factor australia

Twenty-four-year old Beau Mirchoff goes shirtless in this promo pic for the MTV show, Awkward making it oh-so-awkward for his co-stars Brett Davern and Ashley Rickards.

Brett Davern Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff shirtless in Awkward

Former Hannah Montana star Cody Linley is now 23 years old.

Cody Linley shirtless abs watch

What is 20-year-old Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson doing in this photo? Reminds me of a young nephew who is afraid of ghosts but who thinks that hiding his face will make “ghosts” go away. Hehe.

josh hutcherson abs - vogue espana

Canadian singing superstar Justin Bieber may be making his way to Trainwrecksville but you gotta give him credit for having some sixpack that his fellow 19-year-olds are not motivated to work out for.

justine bieber washboard abs

Who of the following One Direction guys have the best abs? Take your pick and tell us in the comments. Is it Taylor Smith’s ex-boyfriend, the 19-year-old Harry Styles?

harry styles shorts washboard

Or is it 21-year-old cutie Louis Tomlinson?

louis tomlinson six pack abs

Or maybe you are more impressed with Liam Payne’s washboard abs?

liam payne washboard abs shirtless

Or do you agree with our friend Kevin that the One Direction guy with the best abs is British Pakistani hunk Zayn Malik?

young guys with washboard abs zayn malik underwear

We can’t find a suitable washboard abs photo of Niall Horan so he should take his gym training seriously. Haha. Anyhoo, here’s young superstar Zac Efron sporting a six-pack at the beach. He’s older than the rest of these guys in “popularity years” but he’s actually just 25 years old.

young men with six pack - zac efron

At nineteen, Patrick Schwarzenegger impresses with a well-defined washboard. He sure is following his father, The Guvernator’s, footsteps, no?

young guys with washboard abs Patrick Schwarzenegger six pack abs - 20 years old

Skateboarding champ and MTV star Ryan Scheckler also has impressive abs.

young guys with washboard abs ryan sheckler

Disney teen star Shane Harper is now 20 years old so you can ogle at his semi-shirtless pic without feeling pervy.

young guys with washboard abs shane harper

Our friend Deena’s favorite part of Teen Wolf is when its male stars go shirtless like what Tyler Posey is doing here.

Tyler Posey young guys with washboard abs

Now 22 years old, Austin Butler of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure fame currently stars in The CW show, Carrie Diaries.

young men with six pack austin butler

Finally, let’s end this list with our favorite young Hollywood actor aka the gorgeous and fabulous Alexander Ludwig. Ain’t he the best?

young men with washboard abs - alexander ludwig - 21 years old

So who of these young twenty-something Hollywood celebrities have the best washboard abs?

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