Women With Washboard Abs: 11 Fit and Toned Hollywood Girls

Women With Washboard Abs: 11 Fit and Toned Hollywood Girls. From young guys with washboard abs, let’s check out these female Hollywood celebrities who are likely to win any contest that have something to do with being in tip-top shape.

Let’s call them the Top 11 Female Hollywood Celebrities With the Best Washboard Abs. Leading the list would be multi-awarded singer and The Voice judge Shakira. This Colombiana beauty gave birth early this year but she has got her toned physique back.


Another famous singer who makes it a point to be in great shape is singer/dancer/actress/American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. Ain’t that the best female abs, ever?

female celebrities with washboard abs - jennifer lopez

If we have a mid-section as toned as Elisabetta Canalis, we’d also dress the way she does in the pic below. We agree with our friend Deena that if a woman (or a man for that matter) has worked hard to be a “Physical 10”, then she (or he) has the right to flaunt her/his “10ness” wherever and whenever. So way to go, Elisabetta!

girls with washboard abs - elisabetta canalis

By the way, those of you who are wondering about how Elisabetta is doing after the end of her relationship with George Clooney might be interested to know that she is now engaged to Italian actor Marcello Macchia.

We’re not surprised that physical trainer Jackie Warner is looking oh-so-fit in the next pic below. After all, with her Workout show on Bravo, she’s kind of a pioneer in physical fitness-related reality shows.


Speaking of reality shows, here’s the badass but sexy trainer on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels.


The equally badass Lady Gaga.

lady gaga toned abs

We may not like Miley Cyrus lately for her manufactured controversies but we gotta give her credit for being in great shape.


Hmmm, why is it that most people in this list — 7 of 11 — are singers? Are singers more inclined to physical exercise than their acting counterparts? Anyhoo, here’s Pink looking fabulous during her Truth About Love tour.

women washboard abs - pink - truth about love

Gwen Stefani in concert.

women with washboard abs - gwen stefani

You can say that Britney Spears has now completed her comeback from Trainwrecksville. Congratulations, girl!

womens sexy abs - britney spears

Dancing of the Stars professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd with celebrity partner and co-champion Donald Driver.

peta murgatroyd washboard abs - dwts finale with donald driver - champs