Gypsy Wedding Gowns: For Fabulous Brides With Grand Style

Gypsy Wedding Gowns: For Fabulous Brides With Grand Style (posted 16 February 2010, decade throwback repost). This post if for the brides and bridesmaids out there looking for wedding gown ideas. Check out these fabulous Gypsy wedding gowns.

Some closed minded and judgmental people — we’re talking about you Deena — call these gowns loud and over-the-top but we are gonna call them awesome.

Seriously, have you seen wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses that grab more attention than these? And if the point of wedding gowns is to bring attention to the bride, then these dresses definitely do the job!

gypsy wedding gowns are the best

gypsy wedding gowns are pretty

Gypsy wedding gowns make us smile and happy. Which is why they are fabulous in a grand way.

gypsy wedding gowns are fabulous

Of course, as in other weddings, bridesmaids should not be left out of the fun too.

gypsy bridesmaid dress

Want more wedding dress suggestions? Well, check out these designer wedding dresses worn by your favorite celebrities: Andrea Corr’s by Vera Wang, Khloe Kardashian’s wedding dress also by Vera, and Sophie Winkleman’s by Anna Roza-Bistroff.

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Gypsy Wedding Gowns Update. If the gowns we published above are awesome, the next one you’ll see below are way beyond awesome. Seriously, have you seen any wedding gown as fab as this? Reportedly made of human hair, the eyecatching wedding dress is a collaboration between Thelma Madine and Ryan Edwards.

best gypsy wedding dresses

Who would be crazy or ballsy or adventurous enough to wear this fabulous dress?

According to the Daily Mail, Thelma would like controversial singer and fashion icon Lady Gaga to do the honors: “I’d be overwhelmed if someone like Lady Gaga would consider wearing it, we think she would look amazing in it. In fact, we would be more than happy for her to wear it on her next tour. It’s a unique creation, just like her, and I think it would be a hair match made in heaven!”

gypsy wedding dress red number for lady gaga

We actually agree that the above dress will be a good fit for Lady Gaga. She will look stunning in it outfit for sure.

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