Rochelle Wiseman’s Wedding Dress

Rochelle Wiseman Wedding Dress. Rochelle Wiseman’s wedding dress has drawn mixed reactions from netizens. Some are calling it tacky and boring (“Yet another strapless dress!”. While others think the dress is gorgeous and stunning (“OMG. Her dress is unbelievably beautiful!!!”.

We think it’s not bad actually. We kinda suspect that those who are calling it tacky are critics of Rochelle and her new husband, Marvin Humes, who are too ready to say anything bad about them. But that’s us. What about you? Do you think Rochelle’s wedding dress is tacky, gorgeous, or okay? Tell us what you think in the comments.

rochelle wiseman wedding dress

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The new couple’s wedding photos are going to be exclusively released by Hello Magazine which, not unexpectedly, drew some snarky comments from critics (“Who do they think they are selling their photos?”, “Tacky.

Reminds me of Katie Price.”) and praise from the couple’s supporters (“If they can make money out of it and donate it to charity, why not?”)

rochelle wiseman wedding dress marvin humes wedding

Anyhoo, we think Rochelle has been unfairly being criticized for her wedding dress while Marvin is getting a pass for his wedding outfit. It looks pretty bad.

Seriously Marvin, a wedding is a very special day. It wouldn’t hurt to dress up and not wear outfits which look too casual and which are too similar to what you wear everyday.

rochelle wiseman wedding marvin humes

Our friend Kevin says the bow tie is the only thing which differentiates Marvin’s wedding outfit from his everyday wear. Sadly, though we don’t want to, we got to agree with Kevin. Haha.

rochelle wiseman wedding dress to marvin hume

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Question: By the way, our friend Deena is curious to know about who designed Rochelle’s wedding dress. We don’t know, TBH. But we’re pretty sure we will find out once Hello Magazine publishes their wedding photos.

Rochelle Wiseman Wedding Dress. Posted 7 August 2012.