Micah Plath Shirtless Model, Girlfriend, Welcome to Plathville Star

Micah Plath Shirtless Model, Girlfriend, Welcome to Plathville Star. Famewatchers, meet Micah Plath and his sculpted washboard abs. Micah is one of the stars of the TLC show, Welcome to Plathville, which is about the life of a very conservative family and the challenges they face when the sheltered kids grow up and are exposed to more reasonable ways of living.

On the show, Micah states that he wants to become a model and, judging from his social media posts (follow him on Instagram @micahplath), it looks like the now 19-year-old is indeed pursuing his dream. He’s also having his own version of rumspringa from the looks of it.

We are not saying, of course, that he is out there running around getting drunk and having nameless s*xual encounters (which are often portrayed by the media as things that happen when an Amish youth goes on a rumspringa) but some of his modeling photos might shock his parent’s ultra-conservative sensibilities.

But we give props to Micah for expanding his wings outside his family’s controlled bubble and we hope he finds the right friends and the right people to guide him as he pursues a career as a male model.

micah plath workout at the gym shirtless

Our guy’s been doing his abs workout that’s for sure. Hmmm, should we include him in our list of Guys With iPhones? We should, no?

micah plath hot guys with iphones

If he was alive in the 90s and the aughts, Micah would be a shoo-in as an Abercrombie male model either in the store or in the label’s adverts.

micah plath hot male model - welcome to plathville

Hey Micah, who you lookin’ at?

micah plath shirtless body

Still haven’t found what you are looking for?

micah plath shirtless model - instagram micahplath

This is the photo we are referring to as the one that would shock his parents. It’s a very good modeling pic though having all the great elements of a men’s underwear ad.

micah plath underwear model

Micah Plath Gay or Straight? He is straight and, apparently, he’s found himself a girlfriend. According to thelist.com, Micah posted this photo with girlfriend Lexi Marie on his Insta.

micah plath girlfriend lexi marie

It’s no longer there so either they decided to be more private about their relationship or are no longer together.

Micah Plath Shirtless Model, Girlfriend, Welcome to Plathville Star. Last updated: July 30, 2020 at 17:10 pm.

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