Eoin Macken Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Eoin Macken underwear by calvin klein

Eoin Macken Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Guess who’s starring as the leading man in a network drama which just topped the ratings in the good ole USA? It’s our imaginary Merlin boyfriend Eoin Macken, that’s who! He plays the lead male character Gavin Harris in the new TV series La Brea which, according to TVLine, had the highest rating last Tuesday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the show will continue to do great, shall we? The more we see Eoin on our screen, the happier we will be. Haha.

Ben Hardy Shirtless, Underwear, and Girlfriend Update

ben hardy gay or straight

Ben Hardy Shirtless, Underwear, and Girlfriend Update. We are updating this post to note that Ben is starring as some kind of exhibitionist on the show The Voyeurs which is currently streaming on Amazon. Reviewers do not appear to be impressed with the series (it’s sitting at a 43% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes) but we’re not complaining because we catch a glimpse of our Ben in his underoos. Hehe.

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding

alexander ludwig shirtless in jeans

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding. Wow! Did you know our imaginary Canadian beau tied the knot early this year? Alexander shared the news on Instagram (follow him @alexanderludwig) when he posted these photos announcing his wedding last January. Apparently, they eloped to go get married too. The actor tells us why: “We decided to elope. It has been such a crazy year but it certainly put things into perspective. Life is too short And i didnt want to spend another day without calling this beautiful woman my wife. Of course when things settle down we will have a proper celebration with our friends and family but for now- the love of my life, our dog yam, a yurt on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere sounded like the perfect beginning.”

Nick Uhlenhuth Shirtless Tech Nerd on Netflix’s The Circle

Nick Uhlenhuth shirtless and hot tech nerd

Nick Uhlenhuth Shirtless Tech Nerd on The Circle on Netflix. Let’s continue blogging about Netflix hunks and, this time, let us check out Nick Uhlenluth who — like Calvin Kiing Crooks and Matt Pappadia — will be playing on the upcoming third season of The Circle. In his intro video, Nick identifies as a nerd having graduated from MIT but you wouldn’t know it if all you see are his photos where he poses like a real deal male model who got some clues from Tyra.

Micah Plath Shirtless Model, Girlfriend, Welcome to Plathville Star

micah plath hot male model - welcome to plathville

Micah Plath Shirtless Model, Girlfriend, Welcome to Plathville Star. Famewatchers, meet Micah Plath and his sculpted washboard abs. Micah is one of the stars of the TLC show, Welcome to Plathville, which is about the life of a very conservative family and the challenges they face when the sheltered kids grow up and are exposed to more reasonable ways of living.

Marwan Kenzari Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, and Gay Speech in The Old Guard

Marwan Kenzari shirtless in jeans

Marwan Kenzari Shirtless, Sculpted Body, and Gay Speech in The Old Guard. We were not planning on watching The Old Guard on Netflix because we figured it’s just one of those generic and average action movies which the streaming service is increasingly becoming known for.