What’s Landon Lueck Doing Now: Married, Wife, Family?

landon lueck now - executive cycling

Landon Lueck Now: What’s He Doing These Days? Following his victories on The Challenge (where he won three of the four seasons he competed in), our bald hottie called it a day and moved on with his life. So what is he doing these days? Apparently, he founded the Executive Cycling Excursions which “specializes in luxury cycling day trips including transportation, nutrition, trail and road guiding services with fully supported, individually tailored and completely private mountain and road bike rides.”

James Stott Shirtless Royal Marine: Britain’s Got Talent Magician

james stott royale marine

James Stott Shirtless Royal Marine: Britain’s Got Talent Magician. Let us continue blogging about hot men in uniform on reality shows and, this time, let us check out James Stott. The bearded magician, who is currently wowing audiences on Britain’s Got Talent, served for ten years as a commando of the Corps of Royal Marines which is one of the five fighting arms of the Her Majesty’s Naval Service.

Phil Keoghan Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Amazing Race Host

phil keoghan underwear boxer briefs

Phil Keoghan Shirtless and Underwear: Amazing Race in Russia. Oh boy! We thought all along that we already wrote a post on the awesome shirtlessness of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan but we, apparently, have not done that! So here’s a post to rectify our mistake. Better late than never, huh?

JB Andreassi Shirtless, Hot Bro, Girlfriend, Million Dollar Beach House

JB Andreassi body - shirtless

JB Andreassi Shirtless, Hot Bro, Girlfriend, Million Dollar Beach House. Whoa, hello hunkies! We are so gonna watch the upcoming Netflix show Million Dollar Beach House because it has hunks, hunks, hunks, and hunks. Yup it stars four hunks which is why we are all in. Our first hottie on Million Dollar Beach House is JB Andreassi who was a football cornerback in college (Dartmouth University) and who, from the looks of it, knows how to catch a fish.

James Hill Calendar, Underwear, Shirtless, and Girlfriend

james hill apprentice underwear

James Hill Calendar Underwear, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Five years later, we are republishing this post to give updates on the Apprentice reality jock that is James Hill. First, on the relationship department. Apparently, he started dating a girl named Naomi Hibbert back in 2016 and they are still going strong according to realitybit.com. He also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and released a calendar where he models in various states of undress. Yay.