Bradley Carter Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Bradley Carter Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Time to add more reality stars to our list of Television Hunks and, this time, let us check out Bradley Carter. The hunky personal trainer from Charleston is starring in a new Bravo TV reality show called Southern Hospitality which follows the life of the owners and workers of a restaurant called Republic Garden & Lounge. It premiered just a few days ago so you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Bradley Carter southern hospitality

Bradley works as a VIP host on the show and here’s more information about him from his profile: “After graduating from the Citadel military college on a football scholarship, Bradley Carter spent two years vigorously training to get into his current enviable shape and aspires to establish his own personal training company. In the meantime, Bradley works at Republic as a VIP host, where he makes most of his money and meets most of his dates. He isn’t afraid to use his looks to gain clients, meet girls or bring customers into Republic.”

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Pauly D Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Boxer Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger

Pauly D Now: Shirtless, Abs Etching Surgery, Girlfriend. Wow. We really are getting old, aren’t we? Did you know that our favorite Jersey Shore star is now 42 years old? He’s now a daddy too having fathered a daughter back in 2013. Oh, and according to reports, he is the richest cast member of Jersey Shore thanks to his career as a DJ. According to Cosmo Magazine, Pauly is worth USD 20 million which is 15 million more than the next richest Jersey Shore star (Vinny @ 5 million USD).

Anyhoo, here’s the two richest Jersey Shorers chillin’ at the beach.

pauly d now update latest

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Kelley Johnson Shirtless, Below Deck, Girlfriend

Kelley Johnson Shirtless: Below Deck Star Update. It’s #ThrowbackSaturday so we are updating this post for the Famewatchers among us who are wondering what Kelley Johnson is doing these days? Remember him? He was the cute ex-marine who was serving as a bosun on one of the yachts of Below Deck. In our earlier post he was in a relationship with a girl named Carina but, apparently, the two have gone their separate ways.

kelley johnson below deck doing now

Well, so what’s our ex-marine doing these days? From the looks of it, he is enjoying the joys of singlehood. If you’ve been watching the show, you’d know that he left Below Deck on season four and is now the captain of a yacht according to Screen Rant. He’s also busy doing photography and videography which started as a hobby but it could turn into a professional business. Go check out his photos on Instagram @kelleywjohnson.

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Kyle Christie Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend

Kyle Christie Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend. As we mentioned in an earlier post about The Challenge contestant Nam Vo, we tried getting into the MTV reality competition show in the past but were often overwhelmed by the continuing story lines of veteran contestants from previous seasons and which we are clueless about.

Anyhoo, in preparation for watching the upcoming season — The Challenge 36: Double Agents — which we are committed to finish watching because of Natalie Anderson, we decided to learn more about previous seasons and its contestants.

Of course, we also like to check out if there are hotties we’d be ogling at aside from Nam Vo. Haha. And we are happy to note that we found a guy candy in the person of British contestant Kyle Christie who is returning for his sixth season of The Challenge.

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Nam Vo Ultimate Beastmaster, The Challenge, Shirtless Model Photos

Nam Vo Ultimate Beastmaster, The Challenge, Shirtless Model Photos. Anyone of you who are fans of The Challenge on MTV? We must admit trying to watch the show in the past but we often get lost with some of the back stories of repeat contestants so we never really got into it.

This time however, we are committed to watching the show because we here at Famewatcher are superfans of Survivor winner Natalie Anderson and we’d like to see how she fares on The Challenge. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she’d do well.

Another rookie we’re hoping to do well on The Challenge is German hunk of Asian descent Nam Vo who acquitted himself well on the first season of the Netflix reality show, Ultimate Beastmaster. We were also rooting for him there and were bummed when he did not go further past level 4.

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What’s Landon Lueck Doing Now: Married, Wife, Family?

Landon Lueck Now: What’s He Doing These Days? Following his victories on The Challenge (where he won three of the four seasons he competed in), our bald hottie called it a day and moved on with his life.

So what is he doing these days? Apparently, he founded the Executive Cycling Excursions which “specializes in luxury cycling day trips including transportation, nutrition, trail and road guiding services with fully supported, individually tailored and completely private mountain and road bike rides.”

Here’s an older Landon conquering the mountains with his bike:

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