Mens Slimming Underwear: Body Trimming Vintage Ads

Mens Slimming Underwear: Body Trimming Vintage Ads. We’re surprised to find out that mens body shaping underwear is not a recent thing but actually dates back to as far as …. well, whenever these men’s underwear advertisements were published.

The first ad below¬†goes: Mandate. Commands Your Attention, Slims and Trims the Body. It supposedly improves your health and builds your confidence so you should forget them old fashioned undies and get yourself a Mandate underwear, the “revolutionary undershorts that SLIM like magic”. Oh, and it comes in a striking new stripe too!

mens slimming underwear vintage

Meanwhile, here’s Slendo. Your all new support briefs …. for your slimmer approach to summer. Slendo underwear’s “firm but easy support gives a youthful verve and a feeling of more energy”. Slendo is made of 82% nylon tricot and 18% Lycra spandex.

mens slimming underwear good or bad

Here’s another Mandate underwear ad which encourages you to “buy dad a slim, trim shape for father’s day”. Mandate comes in “slim trunks” and “slim shorts”. The difference between the two? Well, we honestly don’t know because they look just the same to us but the slim trunks is almost twice as expensive as the slim shorts. It does promise to take inches off his waist and improve his posture.

mens slimming underwear review

If you don’t like a Mandate underwear, maybe this Munsingwear SlimU is for you. According to the advert, Munsingwear SlimU is “not just a brief… but cotton, rayon, and rubber form a very light blend that supports abdominal muscles in the most effective manner without a girdled look or feeling”. Girdled look or feeling? We guess that means you won’t feel tight in your mid-section. Munsingwear will also make you “look trimmer, feel slimmer and even your posture seems to get a lift”. How cool is that?

vintage mens slimming underwear

And last but not the least, here’s another Mandate Underwear. The ad claims that your pounds will disappear when you slip into a Mandate Slim Trunks: “Built-in support trims two inches from your waist. Lessens fatigue. Helps improve posture. Leaves you with a feeling of comfort and control.” Now, does this slim trunks really lessen your fatigue? We understand how it can seem to reduce your waist by two inches and improving your posture but lessening fatigue? Really?

body trimming underwear mens

If you are interested in more body slimming outfits, you might want to check out the Equmen body slimming shirt.

Mens Slimming Underwear: Body Trimming Vintage Ads. Posted 22 September 2010.