Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom HipHugger by Triumph

mens body shaping underwear by hom triumph

Mens Body Shaping Underwear Update: It’s Not a Magic Remedy. From the Land of the Rising Sun comes a reminder to us that things like body shaping garments are not meant to magically wave away the things that we still need to fix. Apparently, a Japanese company was making false ads about what their body shapers can do and Japanese authorities called them out.

Hide Your Beer Belly With 2xist Form Body Shaper

Want to hide your beer belly? These body shaping underwear from 2xist will help you do that. But, as we’ve said in the past, you’re much better off getting rid of your beer belly. Hiding them is a temporary solution to improve the way you look but getting rid of them through proper diet and regular exercise is going to make you healthier and feel better about yourself. More…

Mens Slimming Underwear: Body Trimming Vintage Ads

We’re surprised to find out that slimming underwear is not a recent thing but actually dates back to as far as …. well, whenever these men’s underwear advertisements were published. The first ad above goes: Mandate. Commands Your Attention, Slims and Trims the Body. It supposedly improves your health and builds your confidence so you should forget them old fashioned undies and get yourself a Mandate underwear, the “revolutionary undershorts that SLIM like magic”. Oh, and it comes in a striking new stripe too! More…