G-Star Jackets for Men: Celebrity Fans + Male Fashion Models

G-Star Jackets for Men: Celebrity Fans + Male Fashion Models. In the next few months or so, we expect that G Star-loving teen singer Justin Bieber to be seen wearing any of these spring jackets from the G Star Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection.

g-star jackets for men

Wanna bet? You’re gonna lose, might as well give us your ten dollars now.

g-star jackets for men spring season

Which of these spring outfits is your favorite?

g-star jackets for men for spring summer

g-star jackets for men

The white G-Star┬ájacket below is our favorite among these newest outfits from the label’s collection. Does it look like it adds height to the model wearing it?

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Celebrities Wearing G-Star Jackets For Men
29 August 2011

g-star jackets for men justin bieber

Look who’s wearing a G-Star jacket from the Dutch label’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection? Why, it’s Canadian wunderkind Justin Bieber. Hah! Did we just call him a wunderkind. Surprise. Surprise. But we’re not surprised he’s wearing a G-Star spring jacket because the boy obviously love him his G-Star. We’ve seen him in numerous G-Star outfits from shoes to jeans to shirts to — well if G-Star has an underwear line we won’t be surprised if the Youtube singing sensation has more than a pair of G-Star briefs and boxers.

Another celebrity spotted in a G-Star spring jacket is Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. The cargo bomber jacket he’s wearing below is from the label’s Spring/Summer 2008 Jacket Collection.
g-star jackets for men pattinson

Incidentally, other Twilight actors/characters were also seen wearing this G-Star Cargo Bomber Jacket.

G-Star Jackets for Men: Celebrity Fans + Male Fashion Models. Posted 22 September 2010.