Mens Designer Bags: Eight Best Male Celebrity Bags

Mens Designer Bags Owned By Famous Male Celebrities. What brand of designer bags do your favorite male celebrities like to carry with them? Well, we have here a list of eight famous men and the designer bags they were spotted carrying.

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But let’s get back to these mens designer bags seen on famous male celebrities. We begin with the badass Jude Law and his equally badass Louis Vuitton bag. It’s like he’s saying, “You want a picture of my bag! Go ahead, take a snap. Snap! Snap! Snap! Oh, you also want a quick smack on the lips? Mine is ready for you!”

mens designer bags - jude law louis vuitton

Funny how Jude’s big LV bag makes him look small (and as cute as a schoolboy).

Another celebrity who loves him his Louis Vuitton is Kanye West who is either a crazy kook (according to our friend Kevin) or a music genius (according to our friend Deena). The crazy genius’s bag is a Louis Vuitton Monogramoflage Keepall.

mens designer bags 2015 - Kanye West and Louis Vuitton Monogramoflage Keepall2a

Diver-turned-action star Jason Statham was spotted with a Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato VN Medium Duffel Bag.


Okay, these is where we ask for help from those of you who are bag label geniuses? Can you ID Usher’s small leather backpack? If you can, do tell who made this bag in the comments. Danke!

mens designer bags 2015 - ushers leather bag

Now here’s our favorite actor Brad Pitt and his Burberry Check Messenger Bag.

mens designer bags - Brad Pitt with a Burberry Check Messenger Bag-1

Like Jude Law and Kanye West, football icon David Beckham loves him his Louis Vuitton mens designer bag. He was also spotted carrying a Lanvin Sac Weekend Bag (right).

mens designer bags - David Beckham and Lanvin Sac Weekend Bag and louis vuitton bags

Nick Jonas with a Roots Village bag (right) and a Louis Vuitton Taiga Alexei Bag.

mens designer bags - nick jonas with Roots Village Bag and Louis Vuitton Taiga Alexei Bagx

For carrying a man purse, football star Cristiano Ronaldo has received a lot of grief from mean interneters. It does not seem to have affected him though because he still carries around his man purse. We say good for him.

mens designer bags 2015 - Cristiano Ronaldo - gucci man and Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Archer Bag

Way to go, Ronaldo! You have a right to carry your manpurse. The fact that you continue to do so despite the criticisms that came your way is a testament to your manliness. Oh, and you’ve emboldened other men to carry their designer manpurses too!

So MensBagWatchers, which of these mens designer bags is your favorite? If you want more bags,go check out these Celebrity Balenciaga Bags.

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