Mens Basketball Shorts – Then and Now – Hunks in Basketball Shorts

Mens Basketball Shorts – Then and Now – Hunks in Basketball Shorts. Let’s expand our photos of men in shorts, from our earlier posts focused on guys in beach shorts and cargo shorts to include these shirtless young guys wearing basketball shorts.

mens basketball shorts

Today’s basketball shorts are kinda sexy but we still prefer the short-short basketball shorts worn by athletes in the days of yore. You know, like these ones:

mens basketball shorts vintage

Awww! They’re so happy so we’re happy looking at them!

mens basketball shorts then and now - nba

Some of today’s mens basketball shorts.

mens basketball shorts now


Nike Basketball Shorts for Kellan Lutz
30 September 2010

mens basketball shorts nike

Look who’s wearing a Nike mens basketball shorts while playing basketball? It’s Twilight muscle hunk Kellan Lutz that’s who. Who knew Kellan is a basketball dude? We thought he’s more into American football but basketball is cool too.

nike mens basketball shorts

A little googling gave us the sports that Kellan is into. According to Wiki “The Source of All Information” Pedia, our Kellan is into weight training (hmm, would you know if we can really call this a sport?), track, baseball, basketball, skateboarding, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, racquetball, badminton, snow skiing, skydiving, parasailing, motocross, whitewater rafting, and snowboarding.

So, which of the above sports or athletic pursuits would you want to do with Kellan? Skydiving perhaps? That’s too daring and too risky for us pussies here at Famewatcher but we’d love, love, love to play tennis with him. In a parallel universe where we are friends with this hottie, we actually play mixed doubles with him winning major titles like Wimbledon and the French Open. Oops, end of silly dreaming.

Kellan Lutz in Nike Running Shoes
24 July 2010

mens basketball shorts now and then

Today in Kellan Lutz’ fashion, let’s focus our attention to the often-googled question that goes, “What shoes does Kellan Lutz wear?” Well, we have the answer for you.

Apparently, when Kellan does his workout at the gym, he wears a pair of Nike rubber shoes. But really, who cares about his shoes, shouldn’t we be more interested in his bulging biceps. Wow. Looks like he’s got the biggest biceps in Hollywood. And he’s got one of the best washboard abs too which he built after all those damn push-ups he’s been doing, check it out at Kellan Lutz workout tips.

mens basketball shorts kellan lutz

mens basketball shorts then and now

Mens Basketball Shorts – Then and Now – Hunks in Basketball Shorts. Posted 27 April 2010.