Henrik Rummel Rowing Hunk: US Olympian Rocks His Spandex

Henrik Rummel Rowing Hunk Update (5 July 2016, updated). So, Famewatchers, here’s an update on our favorite guy in Spandex aka The Olympic Rower With the Most Intriguing Awarding Ceremony Photo Ever aka Henrik Rummel. First of all, we begin with the good news: our rowing hunk qualified for the Rio Olympics. Yay!

U.S. Rowing released this photo of the U.S. Men’s M4 rowing team competing in the 2016 Olympic Games. From left to right: our Spandex hunk Erik Rummel, Seth Weil, Matt Miller, and Charlie Cole.

us rowing mens m4 team henrik rummel seth weil matt miller and charlie cole2

Keep your fingers crossed that this team will medal in their event. Because wouldn’t it be cool to see Henrik, once again, standing at attention? That will be a glorious day!

Now, another good news we’d like to share is that Henrik got himself hitched! Yay for him and his happy bride. So, here’s the photo of Henrik and wife, Abra Amwake, when they tied the knot a few years ago.

henrik rummel rowing - wedding to wife abra2

We send a belated congratulations to the couple! And we send our best wishes to Henrik and his teammates in Rio de Janeiro! Oh, this should also answer the “friend of Dorothy” question that our friend Kevin wondered about four years ago.

Henrik Rummel Rowing Hunk in Tight Spandex (posted 6 August 2012). Handsome hunk Henrik Rummel sports a you-know-what which is clearly evident in his tight Spandex during an awarding ceremony in the London 2012 Olympic Games. The American team won a bronze medal and Henrik is clearly excited for the win.

Henrik Rummel bulge in Rowing spandex - American Rower London 2012 Olympics

Initially, we thought the photo above is photoshopped to make the guy look more excited than he actually is. However, this video proves that the pic is the real deal. Watch and have fun. [Update: Sorry, video was deleted on Youtube.]

Question: Our friend Kevin is wondering whether Henrik is, by any chance, a friend of Dorothy? We’re like, “Kevin, even if he is, he ain’t gonna date you because you’re not in America.”

Now, what is the internet commentariat saying about Henrik and his Little Henrik. First of all, we start with the fun ones:

  • They didn’t win because they were competing in the coxless four. He clearly isn’t qualified for that race.
  • He’s a grower, he’s a shower, he’s a MIDNIGHT ROWER…..hahaha
  • Maybe its just a spare oar he keeps in case of emergency?
  • This should have been grounds for disqualification, given that the race was the Coxless Four.

And then, let’s check out other comments which rightfully defend a man’s right to raise the flagpole without being shamed for it:

  • Let’s just agree that his p*n*s is visible yet slightly obscured and that he is wearing tight friction-y short shorts with testosterone and adrenaline and nervous energy coursing through his body and leave it at that. And please, don’t be that s***** person that makes fun of someone for something they can’t change. Shame on you.
  • Didn’t your mother ever teach you to make fun of people for things that are beyond their control? It’s a basic, and often autonomic, bodily response. Don’t get me wrong, b*ners are funny. But I feel for this guy. What was he supposed to do? Not get up on the stand to accept his medal? Stand awkwardly with his hands trying unsuccessfully to cover up his groin?

Finally, some internetizens offer party-pooping suggestions on how things like this can be avoided in the future:

  • Surely there’s some sort of apparatus they should all be wearing. I can’t believe they would compete without a cup or something down there. They’re wrenching their bodies back and forth, pulling huge chunks of wood close to themselves… There’s tremendous potential for both boners and major testicular injury. I’m thinking they all decided to go commando in honor of Amurka or whatever.

So, that’s it for now. If you want more guys like our Henrik Rummel rowing hunk, go check out these men in Lycra Spandex.

Henrik Rummel Rowing Hunk: US Olympian Rocks His Spandex. Posted 6 August 2012. Last updated: August 8, 2020 at 2:45 am.