Men in Skirts: Marc Jacobs and Male Fashion Models

Men in Skirts: Marc Jacobs and Male Fashion Models. Remember Jeremy Kerr? The American motorbike salesman who sued the New Orleans police for his right to wear skirts? Well, it turns out that Jeremy isn’t the only guy in the world who thinks that it’s cool for men to wear skirts. We already know that Alex Reid is of the same mind. Now check out these other skirt-wearing dudes.

Of course you can use suspenders with your manskirt. If boys use suspenders to holp-up their pants then there’s no reason why they can’t do the same thing for their skirts.

men in skirts runway model

So, fabulous!

men in skirts

Obviously, this last photo is Indian (or South Asian) inspired. Our friend just came from Bangladesh where, according to her, men something like this. Good for you, Bangladeshis. (Or is it Bangladeshans?)

hot men in skirts

Here’s designer Marc Jacobs with BFF Victoria Beckham looking fab in his purplish skirt.

men in skirts marc jacobs

Anyone of you male Famewatchers ever tried wearing a skirt yourself? It’s way more comfortable than jeans, we tell you.

Your Views on Men in Skirts. Here’s what some of you are saying on the comments section about Men in Skirts:

David says: Those who think that men in skirts are weird – looking are confusing 2 different things: how uncommon it is and whether or not men look good in them – that is, you can’t say that they look silly in skirts if you’ve never seen it first. It is so retarded to believe that men look stupid in skirts if you don’t know what they really look like.

Joe says: Nothing wrong with a man wearing a kilt, I think it’s cool, however I refuse to wear the same apparel as my sister, meaning skirts, dresses, etc. Also I’ve been told that I have big gorgeous legs by many women.

Strikemaster says: Joe, most of us aren’t going to wear Your sister’s clothes. :) Look at the Utility Kilts I,ve linked above, Midas Clothing etc., there are skirts made for men. Fashion designers attempt to get to the papers, they aren’t interested in male’s skirts spreading. We must break connections between fashion shows and skirts for men. Men don’t want to be trendy, but look for health and comfort. Hovwever most of us don’t know the comfort of a skirt, so some education is needed.

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