Antonio Marziale Gay or Girlfriend?

Antonio Marziale Gay or Girlfriend? Famewatchers, meet Antonio Marziale. Antonio is a talented young actor who will be “coming” to your home via Netflix’s Altered Carbon where he’ll be playing the role of Isaac Bancroft. The show, which will reportedly have 11 episodes, is scheduled to stream this coming 2018. Yay. Can’t wait to watch another sci-fi show.

Anyhoo, this would be Antonio’s second Netflix gig as he also starred in another show, Project Mc2, for the streaming giant. According to, Antonio is also set to do another Netflix show, Alex Strangelove.

From Deadline: “Actor Antonio Marziale is set for Craig Johnson written-directed comedy Alex Strangelove for Netflix. Produced by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films, the pic centers on high school senior Alex Strangelove’s quest to lose his virginity with his girlfriend, made all the more awkward by his struggle to identify and declare his sexuality.”

Hmmm. If we have to guess, Antonio’s character Elliott will be the reason why Alex Strangelove is confused. After all his undeniable manly beauty can turn straight guys gay. Hehe. Joke.

Antonio Marziale girlfriend or boyfriend

If our Antonio’s character does turn out to be a friend of Dorothy in Alex Strangelove, this won’t be the first time he tackled an LGBT role. As Benicio, he was Brian Alvarez’s love interest in The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo. Check out these still photos from the movie where Antonio and Brian go get married and go kissy kissy:

antonio marziale gay kiss

Benicio, played by Antonio, in his wedding dress.

Antonio Marziale gay wedding

Dancing after the wedding ceremony. Want more men wearing women’s clothes?

Antonio Marziale hot

By the way, Antonio is also known for his Man as Woman series where he looks gorgeous dressing up as a woman. Unfortunately, he appears to have deleted his Instagram account but here’s a photo of Antonio rocking a woman’s dress and hat.

Antonio Marziale man as woman

For those of you looking for Antonio Marziale shirtless photos. These are all screencapped from the Caleb Gallo web series.

Antonio Marziale shirtless body

So is Antonio Marziale gay or straight in real life? We have no idea. But we will update this post once we do find out. Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Again, we hope to answer this in a future update.

2020 Update. We are updating this post to note that Antonio is indeed a member of the LGBT community. It does not look like he has a boyfriend at the moment but we will update this post again once we find out more about his relationship status. For the time being, here are some shirtless, underwear, and swimsuit photos we grabbed from his Facebook page (follow him @antoniomarzial).

antonio marziale body - short short

Hello, cowboy!

Antonio Marziale shirtless body

Ahoy, sailor!

antonio marziale speedo underwear

Antonio in his boxer briefs underoos.

antonio marziale underwear - boxer briefs

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