Chance the Rapper Overalls, Gay or Girlfriend, and Shirtless Photos

chance the rapper black overalls - brand

Chance the Rapper Overalls Fashion Style. Are overalls cool again in men’s fashion? Well, not really. But it looks pretty cool on Chance the Rapper who, credit to him, effortlessly rock the overalls “look”. Here’s the thing when it comes to overalls: not a lot of men will look good on them. In Chance the Rapper’s case, he is born to wear one. Hehe.

Ryan Phillippe Gay or Straight? Briefs or Boxers Underwear?

ryan phillippe overalls - pic by mark seliver for interview magazine - 2006

Look who’s looking oh-so-hot in his bib denim overall? It’s the hot gorgeous curly-haired dude that is Ryan Phillippe posing for a shoot for Interview Magazine (photo by Mark Seliver). Ain’t he hawt? Wouldn’t you want to lie down in that field with him? Haha. Want more celebrities in overalls?