Chance the Rapper Overalls, Gay or Girlfriend, and Shirtless Photos

Chance the Rapper Overalls Fashion Style. Are overalls cool again in men’s fashion? Well, not really. But it looks pretty cool on Chance the Rapper who, credit to him, effortlessly rock the overalls “look”. Here’s the thing when it comes to overalls: not a lot of men will look good on them. In Chance the Rapper’s case, he is born to wear one. Hehe.

What’s the brand for Chance the Rapper’s overalls? Well, this tan overall he wore at this year’s VMAs is from the Sheila Rashid Overalls collection. It’s currently not available at the Sheila Rashid site but you can pre-order it for $300.

chance the rapper overalls brand cost and where to buy

Now, what about this black overalls he wore to the Ellen Degeneres Show? What brand is this? According to, this Chance the Rapper black overalls is from the Publish Brand collection. [Related: Designer Overalls for Men]

chance the rapper black overalls - brand

Now, we still have to ID the brand of our rapper’s blue bib overalls, but we will update this post once we do that. So watch out for either an update to this post or another Chance the Rapper overalls blog post. Now, if you happen to know the brand of our guy’s blue overalls, then do tell in the comments.

chance the rapper blue denim overalls brand

Chance the Rapper Girlfriend? Does Chance the Rapper have a girlfriend? Yes he does. Her name is Kirsten Corley. The twosome coosome have a daughter, Kinsley, who was born in September 2015.

Is Chance the Rapper Gay? No. Didn’t we just tell you that he has a girlfriend and that they have a one-year-old kid?

Chance the Rapper Shirtless Photos. Now, this section is for those of you who are fans of a shirtless Chance the Rapper. Here’s one with the Childish Gambino:

chance the rapper shirtless

He sure has some sculpted abs, no?


He gives us a glimpse of his underwear. And this is how we know that he is a boxer shorts kind of guy.


Hey Chance, are you trying to bring back the saggy pants style? Hehe. We are not a fan of it. Hehe.