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Hot men in overalls. Latest design style trends as seen on famous male celebrities and models wearing coveralls, bibs, jeans for fashionable blue collar guys.

Racing Suits for Men: Celebrities Wearing Race Suits

Dainese Racing Suit for Men: Overalls for Racers (10 February 2010). These Dainese racing suit for men are not your typical working man’s overalls but they still fall under the male overalls category, right? We’re pretty sure Deena will agree. Although we’re also pretty sure she’ll also describe these guys in coveralls as “too much like superheroes”. Hehe.

dainese racing suit coverall

Check out this Dainese racing suit from another angle.

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Male Celebrities Wearing Overalls

Male Celebrities Wearing Overalls. Are you a fan of men in coveralls and you’re not content with the Brody Jenner coverall photo we published earlier? Well, you are kinda lucky because we bring you more men in coverall / overall photos. First, we’ve got Ashton Kutcher during his younger and more shaggable days in the photo below.

mens coveralls 2017 - celebrity edition - ashton kutcher

Then here’s Grammy-winning rapper Kid Rock (birth name: Robert James “Bob” Ritchie) walking down the street in his shirtless overall outfit. Want more hunks in men’s coveralls? Well, go check out these Aviator Coveralls for Men, okay?

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DeShawn Cavanaugh Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

DeShawn Cavanaugh Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Who’s the cute, curly-haired guy wearing a bib overall? His name, clueless Famewatcher, is DeShawn Cavanaugh. He is a young actor who currently stars in the reboot of Saved by the Bell where he plays the friend and football teammate of Belmont Cameli. If you haven’t already, you should check out the sitcom on the Peacock streaming service.

DeShawn Cavanaugh hot

DeShawn with Saved by the Bell co-stars Mario Lopez and Dexter Darden. Mario, who was in the original series, appears as a PE teacher and football coach in the reboot aside from being one of the producers of the show.

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Guys in Overalls: Celebrities and Models Edition

Guys in Overalls: Celebrity Edition. Huh, who’d have thunk? Apparently, you guys are really into men wearing coveralls so, once again, we decided to update this post.

This time, we are focusing on legit celebrities and male models. Not that the ones we blogged about earlier are not celebrities and models in their own right but let’s just say that they are the type that Grandma Akita is totally clueless about because they are not mainstream. Hehe.

Anyhoo, let’s start with the one who is probably the most responsible for mainstreaming overalls. We are referring, of course, to no other than New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight who, for some reason, really loved wearing bib overalls.

guys in overalls jordan knight new kids on the block

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Male Models in Overalls: Designer Coveralls For Men

Male Models in Overalls: Designer Coveralls For Men. Are overalls or coveralls fashionable enough for designers to present them on their runway shows? You bet they are! In fact, two designer labels – Dutch fashion house G-Star and the New York-based Buckler – included overalls in their menswear collections.

First, here’s the Filipino-Canadian model Paolo Roldan ruling the runway in his G-Star overalls. We’d like to think that this outfit is inspired by the astronauts who flew to the moon because that’s what it reminded us of.

In fact Deena went, “Whoa! Did Paolo did just come from the moon?” Too bad, the United States stopped its “moon program” because it would be cool if the men they’re sending there will be wearing this G-Star overalls, no?

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Work Overalls for Men: Real World Fashion Watch

Work Overalls for Men: Real World Fashion Watch. We need a break from blogging about the silly, impractical, and weird looking outfits that male fashion models are made to wear on the runway. Haha.

Like, who actually wears those clothes? The only one’s we can think of who would wear said outfits would be Martians or whoever the beings are that are living in Mars, if any. So if real men in our world won’t wear them, then why are these designers making those atrocious outfits.

Speaking of real men and the clothes they wear, you can’t get realer thanĀ  men in work overalls, no? So let’s check them out starting with this airplane mechanic who’s looking totally cool in his coveralls.

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