Max Emerson Andres Camilo Are Boyfriends: Who’s the Hotter Gay Beau?

Max Emerson Andres Camilo Are Boyfrinds. Who is the hotter gay boyfriend? Is it model/actor Max Emerson? Or is it his soldier beau Andres Camilo? Well, let’s check them out and decide, shall we?

max emerson boyfriend andres camilo

Well, Max is certainly more famous which makes him hotter in the fame department. To date, our Max has ten acting credits to his name on IMDB. The most prominent of Max’s acting gigs would be his appearances on Glee and The Real Oneals. Here’s a shirtless Max Emerson as the gorgeous Cologne Man in the Real Oneals. He’s good-lookin’ and smells good, what could out-hot that?

max emerson hot cologne man

On the other hand, Andres may actually be the hotter boyfriend because he is with the National Guard. There is no one more desirable than a man in uniform right? Especially if they are as handsome as Andres. Oh, he’s got big feet too and you know what they say about men with big feet.

andres camilo hot gay soldier

Anyhoo, we gotta admit that we cannot decide who between these two is the hawter boyfriend. But when they are equally gorgeous, maybe there’s no need to decide, no? Let’s just appreciate the beautiful love they obviously share.

max emerson andres camilo gay boyfriends

By the way, these lovebirds reportedly got to know each other via a dating app. Hmmm. So does this mean our friend Kevin has a chance meeting his beau on Grindr?

Anyhoo, here’s the video of Max and Andres announcing their relationship. It is, incidentally, Andres’ coming out to his colleagues in the National Guard. Watch and appreciate:

What a good looking couple. Let’s hope that the wedding bells will eventually ring for these two lovebirds. They look oh-so-good together and they should make beautiful babies together. Right? Oh, and we’d like to see some wedding photos like these images from the Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Wedding.

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