Male Pantyhose: Mantyhose Buying Tips and Brand Guide

Did you know that male pantyhose is a thing? It’s one of the more recent developments in men’s fashion but it’s a mistake to think that only male fashionistas are into wearing men’s pantyhose (or mantyhose). In fact, aside from fashion, mantyhose is used for any of the following reasons: athletic support, insulation during cold winter months, medical reasons (ex: as compression legwear for knee problems), dancing (if you happen to be one of Madonna’s backup dancers as in the pic above), and your good ol’ sexy reasons.

male dancers wearing pantyhose - madonna dancers in girl gone wild

Anyhoo, for those of you guys who are planning to buy or looking for some pantyhose to wear, here are some ‘hoses you might consider:

Emilio Cavallini: The unisex pantyhose/mantyhose below is made of 95% polyamide-nylon and 5% elastane-spandex. You can buy it for €27.00 (£22.95).

Emilio Cavallini mantyhose 2014 - pantyhose for guys

Do you know who was spotted wearing a Cavallini skull mantyhose? It’s male supermodel Tyson Beckford. He’s rocking it, huh?

male celebrity pantyhose - tyson beckford

ACTIVSKIN® Mantyhose (via According to its website, activskin is a “legwear designed for men, approved by women”. You can buy a pair of the mantyhose below for $12.99.

mens pantyhose 2014 - activskin glieberman2

Truform Pantyhose for Men: Available at amazon for 24 USD, this provides “firm support to help relieve tired, aching legs, moderate ankle, leg, and foot swelling, and moderate varicose veins”.

pantyhose for men - mantyhose - truform

Doyeah Male Pantyhose (via Made of 71% nylon and 29% elastane, this apparel can be had for $17.99. Is it any good? Well, a reviewer has this to say about Doyeah legwear: “The one size will fit most anyone the material is both very stretchy and very thin but stronger than you would expect from material so thin. The shaft section is seamless except for the very top where it is sown shut. The quality and fit are much higher than the competitors selling similar items. Love the option of having White as a color choice, I wish someday it might be an option in the rest of this line. The Bodysuit and tights don’t offer white. you wont regret your purchase on these and will want more.” [Famewatch ed: As per our policy, we advice you to take reviews with a grain of salt.]

guys wearing pantyhose by Luxelegwear

Jobst Thigh High Ribbed Compression Stockings for Men: Here are some important aspects of the Jobst Thigh High Stockings:

• Special soft micro fibers wick away moisture six times faster than standard nylon, keeping legs & feet cooler and dryer longer.
• Special formula fights odor by inhibiting growth of fungi and bacteria on the socks
• Flat toe seams and roomy toe section for extra wiggle room
• Durable, reinforced heel resists shoe abrasion, strong yarns resist wear and tear
• Machine wash support socks in a mesh laundry bag or hand wash with warm water using a mild soap or detergent designed for compression stockings. Machine dry on low heat

How much is this? At $47.55/pair it is, so far, the most expensive of the bunch.

male pantyhose 2014 - thigh high by jobst

Want to know how to wear a pantyhose? Here’s how you do it! Hehe. Are we really that dumb?

male pantyhose

Male models wearing men’s pantyhose. Who’s the hottest of them all?

men wearing pantyhose - male models

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