Johnny Manziel Shirtless Photos: Who’s His Girlfriend?

Johnny Manziel Shirtless Photo. Who’s the shirtless guy above who kinda looks like Heath Ledger? Famewatchers, meet Johnny Paul Manziel aka Johnny Football. He’s a 21-year-old football quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. He’s born into money (Texas oil) and drives a Mercedes. He’s clearly a talented footballer as he’s got several awards to his name including the Manning Award, the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award, and the much coveted Heisman Trophy.

Johnny Manziel shirtless quarterback - college

Johnny Football is also a party boy. So although he kinda looks like Heath Ledger, he kinda also reminds us of the party-goin’, fun-lovin’ tight end for the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski (see the Gronk in our earlier blog entry NFL Players in Underwear).

Our Johnny as a ladies’ man.


Here’s another Johnny Manziel shirtless photo where he hangs out with the Bros.

Johnny Manziel shirtless college quarterback

Johnny’s partying ways resulted in an arrest in November 2012. He was charged with three misdemeanors. Why, you ask? Our friends at have the answer: “In a nutshell, Manziel got in a fight, a College Station municipal police officer broke up the fight, Manziel handed the cop an ID that said he was 21, the cop was skeptical, and eventually the cop found a fake and a real driver’s license in Manziel’s wallet. Manziel is actually 19.”

johnny manziel mugshot - shirtless

Johnny used to date model Sarah Savage but they broke up last year.

johnny manziel girlfriend - sarah savage

Recently, he’s been on dates with another model, Lauren Hanley, according to TMZ.

johnny manziel girlfriend - lauren hanley

Johnny Football as an adorable four-year-old.

johnny manziel young - at 4 years old

We can’t find an underwear photo for our Johnny so you have to content yourself with this fan-made image where our football star becomes Miley Cyrus. Haha.

johnny manzel underwear - as miley cyrus

Our hope is that we will eventually see him modeling some Nike Men’s Underwear since he reportedly inked a multi-year endorsement deal with the Oregon-based apparel company. According to USA Today, the deal is ” it is reportedly the largest contract signed of any member of the rookie class.”

Johnny is expected to be drafted in the 2014 NFL draft. CBS ranks him at 8th overall (and third among quarterbacks).