Male Celebrity Socks: Famous Guys And Their Choice of Socks

Male Celebrity Socks. Some of you are, apparently, superfans of male celebrity socks so we decided to update this post to give you what you want. This post originally just featured Jack Mackenroth wearing socks but we are adding more sock-wearin’ celebs to this post. So let us begin our update with:

Prince Charles. Famewatchers, what do you think of Prince Charles’ socks? Just because he is the future king doesn’t mean he can’t wear fun (some may say silly) and “Christmassy” socks like that, no? If you are a royalty, you can wear anything you want, right?

male celebrity socks - prince charles

Sean Connery. Speaking of royalty, here’s the kilt-wearing green-socks loving Scotsman Sean Connery one of the most distinguished members of the Hollywood royalty.

male celebrity socks - sean connery

Cristiano Ronaldo. Looking for the socks of your favorite football star? Check out one of the biggest stars of them all, Cristiano Ronaldo, wearing a pair of white Nike football socks. We heard they’re pretty good in protecting your feet from all that running and kicking that footballers do. [Want some Crying Cristiano Ronaldo?]

male celebrity socks - cristiano ronaldo

David Beckham. Now, what brand of socks does another famous football star David Beckham wear? Well, considering that he’s a brand ambassador for Adidas sportswear, you should see him wearing Adidas socks. In this case, it appears like he’s wearing nothing but his Adidas socks.

beckham male celebrity socks adidas

Kelvin Fletcher. From the world of sports, let’s move on to the world of television to see what TV stars/TV characters are wearing when it comes to there socks. We struck gold with this one. Delightful, huh? If you are into men in socks, you should frame this and put it in your living room.

male celebrity socks - kelvin fletcher

The guy wearing nothing but his black socks and a pair of squarecut briefs underwear is English actor Kelvin Fletcher who plays Andy Sugden in the TV soap, Emmerdale. The producers should have more scenes of Kelvin dress like this, no?

Random Male Model. Let’s end our post about men in socks with this twinkish male model. If you’ve ever wondered whether black socks and white Y-Front underwear match, this should give a re-assuring answer for you.


By the way, Deena asked us about why someone would worry about matching underwear and socks. In particular she asks, “Does it really matter if your socks match your undies? I can’t think of any situation where it matters?”

Well Deena, it matters when you work as a go-go erotic dancer. Ha!


Jack Mackenroth Rocks His Socks. Jack may be an accomplished designer (and swimmer) but methinks he can also do well as a model. He sure looks good in this classic white socks for men. Right?

male celebrity socks - jack mackenroth

Male Celebrity Socks published 22 August 2009. Updated 13 February 2017.