Black Suit White Shirt: Kellan Lutz Fashion Style

Black Suit White Shirt (27 January 2010). Wow. We can’t believe we keep blogging about Twilight star Kellan Lutz. This is the third time we are writing about him this month. Well, the guy like his co-star Taylor Lautner is actually very blogworthy. Check out his washboard abs for instance (see Kellan Lutz Ripped Muscles). If that is not blogworthy, we don’t know what is.

black suit white shirt - kellan lutz fashion

Now, what do you think of Kellan in his black suit white shirt formal wear? Kind of conservative which is right for the occasion, no?

black suit white shirt red carpet fashion - kellan lutz


Kellan Lutz at the Calvin Klein Fashion Show (16 February 2010). Once again, Kellan Lutz goes for the classic black suit white shirt. This time, he is attending the Calvin Klein Fashion Show.

kellan lutz black suit white shirt

Our Kellan is looking dapper, and sexy, and oh-so-shaggable isn’t he? How does he compare with that dude in blue suit, Chace Crawford [go see Blue Suits for Men]?

black suit white shirt - celebrity fashion

Anyhoo, here’s a question for you Kellan fans. Which Kellan do you like the most? The serious looking Kellan like this:

black suit white shirt fashion style - kellan lutz

Or the smiling Kellan like this.

Either way, he is cute and shaggable and the kind of guy any girl (or boy) would bring home to mama. Right?

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Celebrity Plaid Fashion: Muscle Boy Kellan Lutz (07 November 2010). Okay Famewatchers, let’s add the delectable muscle man that is Kellan Lutz to our list of plaid-wearing celebrities.

red plaid shirt for kellan lutz fashion style

Not a lot of men look good in plaid and Kellan is one of those who do. He rocks his tight slim pants too. Wowza.

tight pants kellan lutz wearing plaid

Raise your hand if you want Kellan to totally rip off that shirt.

kellan lutz plaid shirt

For more celebrities wearing plaid, check out Emilie de Ravin in her Abercrombie plaid shirt, John Mayer’s plaid pants, and this controversial plaid kilt. [Oops sorry, the links no longer work.]