Too Old For Skinny Jeans: Should Men Above 40 Wear Skinny Jeans?

Too Old For Skinny Jeans? Are skinny or tight jeans only for the young ones? Should older men — say those aged 40 and above — not wear skinny jeans? Well, we’ve always said that 1) people should wear what they are comfortable wearing and that 2) they should wear what looks good for them.

So if you belong to the 40+ demographic and want to wear skinny jeans, go ahead and do so as long as you rock the look and you suffer no discomfort. [Related Post: Hot Guys Tight Jeans]

Anyhoo, we made a list of older famous male celebrities who are not too old for skinny jeans.

Billy Bob Thornton. He must be in his 50s (?) but he’s rocking the skinny. And it actually suits him too. His hair is quite interesting though. It’s good that he’s keeping it real by allowing it to go gray but it kinda looks like a big leggy spider about to attack his face. Hehe.

too old for skinny jeans - billy bob thornton

Conan O’Brien. The late night talk show host modeled a pair of jeggings on his show back in 2010. He must be, like, 45-46 years old at that time.

too old for skinny jeans - conan o brien

David Beckham. At 41 years old, the British football star turned fashion icon is proof positive that men in their 40s can wear and look good in skinny jeans. Here he is looking cool in his skinny jeans during a recent Lakers basketball game.

too old for skinny jeans - beckham at 41 years old

Russell Brand. He’s been wearing superskinny jeans since, like, forever. So he ain’t gonna stop wearing them tight pants now that he’s in the ripe old age of 41.

too old for skinny jeans - russell brand at 40

Jude Law. The talented British actor was spotted two years ago – he was 43 years old then – looking cool wearing super skinny jeans.

Brad Pitt. Hollywood A-Listers like Brad Pitt cannot resist the “charms” of skinny jeans.

Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is also not too old for skinny jeans. He was 50 years old when the photo below was taken.

In closing, we will repeat ourselves by saying that you’re not too old for skinny jeans so long as you are comfortable in your outfit and that you look good in them. Well, that’s actually a basic fashion rule, no?