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Luke Bryan Jeans. What kind of jeans does Luke Bryan wear? Well, he likes them blue, he wants them red, he wants them black, he wants them faded, he wants them ripped or torn, he wants them leatherized, but he really wants them skinny.

luke bryan jeans collection - what jeans does luke bryan wear

He sure knows how to dance in his leather jeans. He’s got the sexy moves too! Channing Tatum missed the opportunity to cast our Luke in Magic Mike. [Want some Luke Bryan Shirtless photos?]

luke bryan leather pants - pelvic thrusts dancing

As to what brand of jeans Luke Bryan wears, we know for a fact that he wears Diesel jeans and Taverniti So. We are pretty sure he wears other denim brands too so long as they’re cool enough to dance in. Anyhoo, here’s Luke Bryan wearing Diesel jeans.


And check him out rocking his Taverniti So (Meg Bond Straight Leg Jeans).

Luke Bryan Jeans - Taverniti So - Meg Bond Straight Leg Jeans

From the back, this is what Luke’s jeans look like. Awesome!

luke bryan jeans buttocks

Those of you interested in Luke Bryan jeans will be interested in how he takes care of them. From

“You’ve got to rock the cold water, you’ve got to hang them up and sometimes you’ve got to stand on them to stretch them to keep them from riding up,” Luke tells The Boot. “Now, I would get a nice $80 t-shirt, and it would come back about four sizes too small. And I realize I’m on stage and my belly button’s almost hanging out. I look like Shania Twain up there. So, we’ve started dry cleaning the nice, designer t-shirts.”

“I’m horrible with clothes and the maintenance of them,” he adds. “One of the maintenance tips is don’t wash [the jeans often]. I’m not a big sweater, so a lot of times I can get off stage and rehang them and get a good four or five shows out of them.”

Luke Bryan Boots. So he wears Diesel and Taverniti So jeans but what brand of boots does Luke Bryan wear? Well, a media release in 2008 tells us that he inked a sponsorship deal with Lucchese Boots.

luke bryan Lucchese boots

Some details from Country Man Luke Bryan can add an endorsement deal with Lucchese Boots to his resume. According to Bryan, the partnership is a perfect fit. “I have always been a fan of Lucchese boots so this is a great partnership for me,” says Luke Bryan. “It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the folks at Lucchese. They have been great from the very beginning. I really look forward to our partnership through this next year.”

Lucchese Boots have been made in the United States for the last century and are known for their twisted cone comfort, superior leathers and traditional lemon wood hand pegging.

We’re not sure if his sponsorship with Lucchese boots is still on but in a recent 2015 interview with Slacker Radio, he stated that Lucchese boots are fashionable.

Meanwhile, a someone at had this to say about Luke’s Lucchese sponsorship as well as his other fashion style:

He has a sponsorship with Lucchese boots made handmade in San Antonio, Texas. These boots are outstanding! They’re known for their skins and leathers. Skins such as crocodile and lizard skins. They look and feel great. They are actually the lightest boots also. When he is on stage you will always see him rocking his Lucchese boots.

He has his own custom designs though. He has had contests before for others to win them, but he hasn’t ever sold his own custom boots. If you want a long lasting and great feeling and looking boot, then go Lucchese. If I could choose one word for these boots. It would have to be sexy.

Luke Bryan does wear other brands like Ariat and Laredo boots off stage. He wears Tavernini jeans and American Apparel tees as well. He wears Viktor and Rolf suits along with Dolce and Gabanna and other high fashion suits at award shows when he is not performing.

Sure enough here’s our Luke rocking his Dolce and Gabbana suit during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards where he picked up the award for Top Country Artist.


Luke Bryan Leather Jackets: What brand of leather jackets does Luke Bryan wear? We don’t know at the moment. Maybe those of you in the know can tell us. Maybe you can ID the leather jackets in the photos below?

luke bryan leather jackets - what brand does he wear