James Rodriguez Shirtless: Sin Camisa Futbol Star

James Rodriguez Shirtless. Did you know that “shirtless” in Spanish is “sin camisa”? Yeah, we didn’t either. We found this out when we were trying to read articles on this handsome 22 year old Colombian football star. Said articles were written in Spanish but with the help of Google Translate, we got to know what “sin camisa” means. And now, you know too. We do learn new things here in Famewatcher, don’t we?

James Rodriguez body - locker room - colombian football hunk2

Thumbs up, brother! You’re the man! [Want more young sports stars, check out our post on hockey player Aaron Ekblad.]

james rodriguez body - washboard abs2

Wonder what the old guy is thinking. Is he saying a) I used to be fit and thinner like this James, or b) Young man, put on your shirt, or c) Should I or should I not ask for an autograph? They say he’s going to be a really big star in football but is it proper to ask for an autograph? Maybe if I told him its for my grandson.

In a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the highest, our Colombian hottie is a rock solid 10.

james rodriguez kiss tongue

james rodriguez sexy no shirt - sin camisa

Question to those of you in the know: Is he drinking cola? Looks like some kind of syrup to us but hopefully not because that would be weird and not really healthy.

james rodriguez shirtless - sin camisa2

Welcome to my room. You want to come in? Of course, we do, James sweetie. Of course we do!

This is my friend. Please don’t make any joke about some cowboys in Wyoming because that’s not what’s happening here. We Latino guys are just comfortable with each other unlike you stuck-up Anglophones. Hahaha.

james rodriguez teammates in pool jacuzzi

Shirtless in a tub? The more guys, the merrier!

james rodriguez underwear - spandex - with colombian footballers

James and his Colombian teammates (we think but we’re not 100% sure), in their underwear and shorts. What is underwear in Spanish? According to a commenter on spanishdict.com, it is calzoncillos for men’s briefs or boxers, pantis for women’s panties, tangas for thongs, and ropa interior for general underwear. Apparently, you can also call it chones or something.

Didn’t we tell you, you learn something here at Famewatcher other than the underwear preferences of famous celebrities?

By the way, for those of you wondering about James’ relationship status, you will be disappointed to know that he is no longer single. He is married to Daniela Ospina with whom he has a son named Salome. Here’s a photo of the loving family. What a perfect picture!

james rodriguez family - wife daniela ospina and son salome

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James Rodriguez Shirtless: Sin Camisa Futbol Star. Posted 30 June 2014.