Kylie Minogue Cosmetic Surgery: Did She Do Botox?

Kylie Minogue Plastic Surgery: Did She Do Botox? (Published 5 December 2009. Updated 4 February 2017). Did Australian singer had some cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance? We’re wondering because Alex Karidis claims she did. Okay. Okay. He actually made the claim back in 2008 but since we’re all about documenting celebrity cosmetic surgeries and celebrity plastic surgeries, then we must blog about this right? Right.

kylie minogue plastic surgery

Anyhoo, here’s what surgeon Alex Karidis had to say about Kylie back then:

“Kylie’s brows look a little higher than usual, which suggests she’s having regular Botox to lift them. One of Kylie’s brows is slightly more arched and higher than the other, which is often a telltale sign”.

Aside from showing signs of having used Botox, Kylie may also have had some “work” done on her cheeks and lips. That’s according to the cosmetic surgeon, okay?


Kylie and Spanish Model Are Shacking Up?

Kylie Minogue is in lurve. And her Spanish lover, Andres Velencoso is reportedly moving into her Chelsea home. We say good for them. Oh, check out these lovers’ commercial for Kylie’s Inverse perfume.

Kylie Minogue-Andres Velencoso Wedding Bells?
09 May 2009

Will we soon hear the wedding bells ring for Kylie Minogue and Spanish boyfriend Andres Velencoso? Well, they’re already shacking up so we won’t be surprised if they do. Anyways, Katie Nicholl of the Daily Mail is predicting that the couple will soon get engaged.

What’s Katie’s basis for her bold prediction? A gossipy source (maybe Kylie’s publicist???) who had this to say:

‘Kylie and Andres spent St Jordi’s Day, the Spanish St Valentine’s Day, together.’ .

‘They swapped gifts with each other but his parents each gave her a rose, a custom usually reserved for engaged couples. Kylie was skipping around with delight. It’s clear they are all hoping for an engagement soon.’

Good for you Kylie. We would be skipping too if Andres proposed to us.

Pond’s Cold Cream is Kylie Minogue’s Beauty Secret?
25 May 2010

Today in celebrity beauty secrets, it might interest you to know that Kylie Minogue’s looking young and wrinkle-free because she uses your mom’s good old Pond’s Cold Cream.

Kylie’s revelation of her simple beauty secret has, according to the Daily Mail, “sent sales of the traditional beauty treatment through the roof”.

Have you tried Pond’s Cold Cream? Is it as good as Kylie claims it to be? Does it really drive the facial wrinkles away?

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