Sexy Baseball Players List: Active and Retired

Sexy Baseball Players. Famewatchers, who do you think is the most shagadelic baseball player ever? If you do not have anyone in mind, we hope this post on currently active and retired baseball players will help you make a pick.

Nomar Garciaparra. If we are to make a list of the hottest baseball hunks of all time, Nomar Garciaparra — along with our imaginary beau Gabe “Speedo” Kapler — will be in the top ten. What a hunk.

sexy baseball players - nomar garciaparra

Gabe Kapler. Of course, a list of gorgeous baseball players that does not include Gabe Kapler ain’t no list at all. We wonder if Gabe is still active working out these days.

sexy baseball players - gabe kapler

Mike Trout. Nothing can out-hot a shirtless man riding a horse, no? LA Angels baller Mike Trout with girlfriend Jessica Cox.

sexy baseball players - mike trout

Chuck Connors. Next in our list of sexy baseball players is Chuck Connors. He played in the major leagues — the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs — before he decided to try his luck in acting. There he struck gold because when he died the age of 71, he has 135 acting credits to his name during a long Hollywood career that spanned from 1952 to 1992.

sexy baseball players - chuck connors

Anthony Rizzo. Following the Chicago Cubs World Series Championship win, Anthony is hot, hot, hot right now. It doesn’t hurt that he is fun-loving too.

sexy baseball players - anthony rizzo

Jake Arrieta. He is too hawt to not be an underwear model. Which is why Saxx hired him to be their spokesmodel.

sexy baseball players - jake arrieta

Jim Palmer. Speaking of baseball players who became underwear models, check out the man who started it all.

sexy baseball players jim palmer

Daniel Norris made headlines a few years back for living in a van despite the fact that he got a $2 million signing bonus. Ain’t that fabulous?

sexy baseball players daniel norris


Stephen Strasburg. We wrote about this guy back in 2009. Here’s what we said then: Stephen, the number one MLB draft pick in 2009, looks so boyishly cute in this photo. Kinda reminds us of our nephew who, when he was in his teens, grew him some facial hair so he can be more “manly”.

sexy baseball players - stephen strasburg

Jesus Montero. Here’s what we wrote about Jesus back in February 2010: This Venezuelan baseball cutie Jesus Montero who’s got himself a flattering three-page story on the New York Daily News. He just might become the next big thing in the world of baseball so you should watch out for this dude in the very near future.

sexy baseball players jesus montero

Originally posted 1 August 2009.