Best Mens Perfumes: Seven Male Celebrity Perfumes List

Best Mens Perfumes. Want to smell like a famous man? Check out these male perfumes and colognes which your favorite celebrities are hawking. Smell like these guys and the girls will run after you (hehe). Here’s Top Seven Best Male Celebrity Perfumes and Fragrances according to us. It’s a very subjective list so don’t go complaining to your mama if your favorite perfume isn’t included here.

Givenchy’s Play and Play Intense for Justin Timberlake. Men’s perfume from Justin Timberlake? Count us curious. But also count us in among those who are not quite enamored by Justin Timberlake. Maybe it’s just a matter of personal taste. He looks good and all but he ain’t no Roman Heart good. But maybe we will change our minds if we smell his “Play” and “Play Intense” perfumes by Givenchy.

best mens perfume givenchy justin timberlake

50 Cent’s Power by 50 Cologne. Next in our list of best mens perfumes is Power by 50. It’s really a cologne not a perfume but our beau loves it so much so we have to include it in the list.


If you use 50 Cent’s Power by 50, you’ll not only smell great. You’ll also miraculously develop a well-defined body which will make your friend’s envious. Justin Timberlake can’t top 50 Cent’s chest, can he?

David Beckham’s Pure Instinct Perfume. If you wear David Beckham’s Pure Instinct, girls will rip the clothes off your body and do what they always dream of doing with the English footballer. Ain’t that cool? That’s why you should get yourself a bottle of David Beckham’s Pure Instinct.


Andy Roddick’s Lacoste Challenge by Lacoste. According to rumors (which we invented, hehe), model Brooklyn Decker said “Yes” to American tennis star Andy Roddick’s marriage proposal because she was so overwhelmed by the smell of his Lacoste Challenge perfume and wants to wake up to Andy’s smell every morning. So guys, you know what perfume to buy if you want a modelesque wife who can give Tyra Banks a run for her money.

celebrity fragrance - lacoste challenge

Josh Hartnett’s Diamonds for Men by Emporio Armani. Whatever happened to Josh Hartnett? We don’t know what he’s doing now but he was the face (or the body) of Emporio Armani’s Diamonds for Men perfume.


Here’s what a press release said back then: “Giorgio Armani has announced that Josh Hartnett will be the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men, a new fragrance due to be unveiled in June during the Spring Summer 2009 Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. ‘I have long admired Josh Hartnett, who represents one of the most talented actors of his generation” commented Giorgio Armani. “Both on and off screen he has a charm and charisma that is magnetic. His individuality, allure and nonchalant way of being are all qualities which inspired me in the creation of this new fragrance.'”

Calvin Klein’s Man Perfume with Garrett Neff. Garrett Neff, one of the top male models of the world likes him his Calvin Klein’s Man Perfume.


Of course you ain’t gonna sell one of the world’s best mens perfumes without a shirtless male model endorsing it right?


Before he was discovered and became the face of Calvin Klein’s fragrance, Man, Garrett was a tennis player for Bucknell University where he graduated in college (so don’t mistake him for a mindless himbo). He was discovered at the airport while vacationing in Barbados.

Andres Velencoso Segura’s Inverse Perfume for Men By Kylie Minogue. Who says you can’t mix love and work? Not Kylie Minogue. The Australian singer is mixing love and work [or business and pleasure] when she had her boyfriend, Andres Velencoso Segura, star in this commercial promoting her Inverse Perfume for men. He’s hawt. But the name of the perfume, Inverse, is meh.

Putting there smells aside, would you — if you’re a man — buy a perfume called Inverse or Sean Combs’ more imaginatively named I Am King?

Best Mens Perfumes: Seven Male Celebrity Perfumes List. Posted 27 July 2015. Last updated: April 21, 2020 at 13:25 pm.