Kylie Minogue Cosmetic Surgery: Did She Do Botox?

kylie minogue plastic surgery

Kylie Minogue Plastic Surgery: Did She Do Botox?. Did Australian singer had some cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance? We’re wondering because Alex Karidis claims she did. Okay. Okay. He actually made the claim back in 2008 but since we’re all about documenting celebrity cosmetic surgeries and celebrity plastic surgeries, then we must blog about this right? Right.

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery: Botox, Face Lift, Nose Job?

nicolas cage plastic surgery

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery? Not unexpectedly, them guys at TMZ are asking their “Good genes or good docs” question for Nicolas Cage. We’re gonna guess that he has had good docs or good cosmetic surgeons who made his face free from the facial wrinkles that should naturally come with age. So its either Nicolas had a face lift to keep him looking like he was in the 1980s. Or maybe he’s following Mark Spitz’s botox for men suggestion to keep them wrinkles at bay.

Vanessa Williams Cosmetic Surgery: Is Beauty Queen a Botox Queen?

vanessa williams plastic surgery

Want to know one of Vanessa Williams’ beauty secrets? Well, its not actually a secret but did you know that Vanessa Williams aka the Evil Wilhelmina Slater is a botoxed beauty? No wonder she never gets “old-looking”.

In an interview with, Vanessa reveals that she got interested in botox when, six years ago, she “noticed fine lines developing between my brows that made me look stressed”. She then spoke with her dermatologist about her skin care routine and non-surgical options and both of them decided that going the Way of the Botox is the right procedure.

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum: Botox Alternative – Good or Bad?

Want to have a wrinkle-free face but you don’t want to do the botox thingie? Well, why don’t you follow Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, and Kate Moss who are reportedly using the Glamoxy Snake Serum so they can look young. We say “reportedly” because its very possible that the publicist of Glamoxy just made things up and that said celebrities are not using this snake serum at all.