Joseph Spanti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dive Club Hunk

Joseph Spanti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dive Club Hunk. Aside from Josh Heuston, another Aussie hottie who’ll be starring on the upcoming Netflix show Dive Club is Josh Spanti.

Joseph Spanti actor - jack frost musical

Like Josh, this is Joseph’s first acting gig in front of the camera but, unlike the former, this isn’t his very first acting gig because he’s done stage plays prior to being cast for Dive Club. He also attended the Victorian College of Arts and graduated with a BA degree in musical theater so clearly, Joseph wanted to pursue a career in the biz.

Other than the name of the character he plays (Brad), we don’t really know much about Joseph’s role on the upcoming Netflix series. However, the actor shared this photo on his Instagram (follow him @_littlepep) which is supposedly from the show.

Joseph Spanti dive club

We gotta admit, the above photo is leaving us confused because Dive Club is supposed to be a modern-day story but our Joseph is wearing a uniform which looks like its from the 19th century. Is there a time travel element in the story? Or is do current Aussie men in uniform really wear something like that? Anyhoo, it’s just another reason to watch the series this coming September.

Joseph Spanti Gay or Straight? He is straight but he isn’t above getting involved in a menage a trois with other denim wearing dudes. Hehe. Joke. Joke.

Joseph Spanti gay in denims

Currently, our Aussie cutie is in a relationship with girlfriend Majella Davis who he co-starred with in the short movie, Coffee Lover about a young barista who is cloned by a guy she rejected. If that ain’t an interesting premise of a movie, we don’t know what is.

Joseph Spanti girlfriend Majella Davis

Aside from acting on stage and in front of the camera, the actor has done odd jobs such as caddying, serving as a gaming attendant, being a duty manager, and then managing a hotel. He looks cute in his caddy uniform, doesn’t he? Also, we actually this kind of haircut on him.

Joseph Spanti hot instagram _littlepep

Joseph Spanti hot

Joseph Spanti red carpet look

Joseph Spanti Shirtless Photos. For the thirsty hos among us, here’s a shirtless pic of our guy from the play Aida where he played the role of Captain Radames who’s in love with Aida (played by Sarah Calsina).

joseph spanti shirtless in aida as capt radames with sarah calsina as aida

He’s not really shirtless in the next photo below with his Dive Club co-stars but its a great photo so we’re including it here. Hehe.

Joseph Spanti shirtless - dive club

Awww! How cute is he?

Joseph Spanti gay or straight

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