Nike Men’s Underwear: Nike Pro Combat Performance Underwear

Nike Mens Underwear: Athletes Edition. Question of the day: Does Nike make underwear for men? Answer: Yes it does, but it is mostly performance or athletic underwear. So it is unlikely that you’ll find intimate Nike men’s underwear (a-la 2xist, Aussiebum, or Calvin Klein) but you will find sporty underwear like the Nike Pro Combat Kit seen on the hunky Portuguese footballers below.

nike combat pro underwear - portuguese football team

Duda, Nani, Bruno Alves, Paulo Ferreira, and Miguel wear the Nike Pro Combat kit designed by Nike for the 2010 Portuguese National Team. What makes the Nike Pro Combat underwear special? Well, here’s what says about it:

Nike Pro Combat is ergonomically designed to provide specific protection to athletes without restricting mobility on the field for maximum performance. Nike Pro Combat will be worn under the normal football kit and is integrated seamlessly into the kit as a lightweight extension of the body.

Given that Nike underwear is designed with athletes in mind, it is not surprising that male celebrities who were spotted wearing them tend to be the sporty kind. Like for instance mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Brian Stann.

nike mens underwear brian stann mma fighter

Football hunk and our imaginary French boyfriend Olivier Giroud.

olivier giroud - combat nike pro underwear

Top tennis player John Isner of the United States.

male tennis player underwear - John Isner - Nike Pro

Meanwhile, here’s basketball star Kevin Durant in his Nike Pro flexing his biceps following the USA’s gold medal win in London 2012.


Another sports hunk spotted wearing a Nike underwear is Asian American hunk Dan Minamide who played football in high school (San Pasqual High School) and college (Harvard University). Horror of Horrors, he’s now working with our mortal enemy, Abercrombie and Fitch. [Unsolicited advice to Dan: Get out of there as fast as you can!]

Dan Minamide Shirtless Asian Sports Hunk - Underwear by Nike Pro

Celebrities who were spotted wearing Nike Pro underwear include Chris Daughtry, probably the most successful American Idol alumni for Season Four.

celebrities wearing nike pro underwear - chris daughtry

Do you know this handsome wrestler guy who looks awesome in his Nike Pro underwear? If we are part of Nike’s advertising department, we’d seek out this guy and make him the face of the Nike Pro brand.

nike mens underwear wrestler

Oh wait, we almost forgot to mention that Nike used to make swimsuits for men and women. However, we read somewhere that the company decided to discontinue its swimsuit line and decided to focus on its other products. Here’s model Joshua Day rocking a pair of Nike briefs-style swimsuit.

nike swimsuit for men - joshua day

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