Jitrois Jeans For Men: Male Casual Fashion

Jitrois Jeans For Men: Spring and Summer Fashion. Want to buy a pair of leather pants for yourself or your boyfriend? Well, check out the model above and his cool leather trousers from The House of Jitrois which continues to come up with simple but fabulous casual fashion for men. The outfits in this update are from the label’s Spring/Summer Menswear Collection.

Jitrois Jeans For Men

The embodiment of casual chic. Heck, even that bag is fabulous.

Jitrois Jeans For Men spring and summer

We love the V-Neck. It’s what our friend Kevin calls the perfect outfit because it manages to draw attention to the guy wearing it. Contrast this with other menswear which are too “attention-getting” that they overwhelm the poor men wearing them.

Jitrois Jeans For Men menswear

A cool leather and jeans ensemble.

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Jitrois Jeans For Men: Fall and Winter Lookbook With Jeremy Young
17 December 2010

Jitrois Jeans For Men for fall and winter

Remember the Jitrois stretch leather jeans we blogged about years ago? Well, if you are a fan of Jean Claude Jitrois’ denim creations, then you should check out these acid-washed jeans from his Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Lookbook. Male model Jeremy Young of the United Kingdom headlines the campaign. More photos of Jeremy wearing Jitrois denim pants after the jump.

Do you think Jeremy needs some serious tanning? His shirtless photos remind us of Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Hehe. Or maybe they’re going for the vampire look to target the Twilight demographic?

Jitrois Jeans For Men for fall and winter

Hey there, Jeremy! Who you looking at? You’re looking at me, ain’t you? Well, go ahead and ogle. Hehe.

fall winter Jitrois Jeans For Men

Our friend Kevin’s favorite piece in the ensemble below is the black leather jacket. We actually like it too. It does look sexy cool.

Jitrois Jeans For Men fall winter

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Jitrois Jeans For Men. Originally published 17 December 2010. Updated 17 December 2011.