Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois

Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois. Want to wash your stretch pants made of leather? Apparently, you can now do that with Jean Claude Jitrois’ innovative washable leather.

Washable Stretch Leather Jeans by Jean Claude Jitrois

Here’s what the Jitrois team says about their new invention: “The new 5 pocket jean in machine washable leather stretch is the result of Jean Claude Jitrois pioneering a new technique of washing and ironing leather like a normal jean, possible because of new treatments to the skin.”

The French designer reportedly made clothes for famous A-List celebrities such as Elton John, Sylvester Stallone, Joan Collins, Linda Gray, and rock legend Johnny Hallyday. Princess Stephanie of Monaco is both a client and a model for Jean Claude.

The Jitrois’ washable stretch leather is made in France and it comes in different colors such as blue, grey, beige and black.

By the way, if you are wondering about the identity of the spunky girl above, her name is Anna Pichler. She’s a fashion model from Hungary.

So fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of this washable leather thingie? We think it’s innovative and its about time someone makes something like this. Leather is a cool outfit but it tends to get smelly so a washable leather jeans deserves two thumps up in our book.

Celebrities Wearing Jitrois Leather: Kristen Stewart (20 January 2010). Looking for celebrities who wear Jean Claude’s washable leather jeans? We must admit that we haven’t found anyone yet wearing this particular jeans. So, for the meantime, check out young Twilight star Kristen Stewart in her dark blue skinny jeans which she tops with a stripe shirt and a Jean Claude Jitrois leather jacket. It’s a pretty cool look for a young lady, isn’t it?


For those who are wondering, Kristen’s jacket is the Jitrois Sweet Perfecto Leather Jacket.

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