Uniqlo Bubble Jackets for Winter: Celebrities Wearing Uniqlo

Uniqlo Bubble Jackets for Winter: Celebrities Wearing Uniqlo. Want some winter bubble jackets? What do you think of these jackets on Romanian male model Kaan Tilki who’s headlining the Fall/Winter 2010 2011 campaign of Uniqlo? Pretty cool, eh? Uniqlo, as you may already know, is a Japanese fashion brand which somehow managed to gain a foothold in the west.

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Some celebrities seen wearing Uniqlo outfits include Robert Pattinson and his Uniqlo mens jacket [see below], Xavier Samuel and his Uniqlo summer suit [in our post on Best Summer Suits for Men], and Orlando Bloom and his Uniqlo jeans [see below].


Uniqlo Jackets for Men: Robert Pattinson Fashion Style

22 October 2010

That is such a really really cute panda. But since its Robert Pattinson Fashion Week here at Famewatcher, let’s not focus on the panda but on what our RPattz is wearing. So what brand of jacket is he wearing, you ask? That, fellow fashion watcher, is a Uniqlo Zip-Up Collared Jacket. More photos of the Twilight star and his Uniqlo jacket after the jump.

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Uniqlo Slim Fit Jeans on Orlando Bloom: Japanese Jeans for Men
27 October 2010

Orlando joins the Uniqlo family of celebrities in this Uniqlo Slim Fit Jeans Campaign. Uniqlo is a really new Japanese casual wear manufacturer/retailer but its already made a name for itself in the fashion world, no?

If you want more Japanese jeans, check out Evisu jeans and Brad Pitt wearing his Edwin jeans.


Stars Glowing in Uniqlo

14 December 2011

Here are more of your Hollywood celebrities loving their Uniqlo outfits. Let’s start with our imaginary Hollywood boyfriend, Chris Pine in his Uniqlo Cordlane Jacket. Damn, isn’t his eyes sexy?

Like Legolas aka Orlando Bloom, Harry Potter actor Jamie Campbell-Bower is a celebrity endorser for Uniqlo. That’s a cool Uniqlo MEN Premium Down Ultra Light Parka he’s wearing, no?

Talented American actress Anna Kendrick, who some of you may know as Stacey Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, keeps herself warm with the help of a really chic Uniqlo jacket. That’s certainly a jacket we’d buy for ourselves.

Finally here’s Claire Danes, the 1990s Hollywood “It Girl” who’s been making a successful Hollywood comeback, in a Uniqlo long coat when she went shopping with husband Hugh Dancy.

Note: Originally posted on 2 January 2011. Updated 14 December 2011