Jenson Button Shirtless Photos

Jenson Button Shirtless Photos. This post is for those of you who are googling for Jenson Button shirtless photos. We wonder what Jessica Michibata will say about you. Hehehe. Do enjoy these shirtless Jenson pics but remember that there’s a special place in hell for those who covet their neighbor’s boyfriend.

Yes, the commandment applies even if Jessica is not technically your neighbor. And, yes looking for shirtless pics of someone else’s lover is coveting. Hehehe. But we are with you, we kinda covet him too. [Those of you who’d like to covet Jessica can do your coveting in another page.]

Okay, “coveters” who wants to trade places with this old man?

Anyways, Jenson is turning out to be the winningest Formula One driver this year picking titles from Australia, Malaysia and, as we just noted in an earlier post, the Spanish Grand.

Jenson Button Wins Spanish Grand Prix 2009 – Video
10 May 2009

Wow. Jenson Button just keeps on winning ’em all. Is Jessica Michibata his secret weapon?

Jenson Button Wins Australian Grand Prix 2009
29 March 2009

Look who won as the champion of the Australian Grand Prix? It’s Jenson Button, boyfriend of Jessica Michibata. Congratulations, Jenson. May you have more victories to come.

Says Jenson of his victory:

“It’s been an amazing day. Some people may say it’s a shame the race finished behind the safety car, but I don’t care, I won.

“I made a mistake in my pit stop, the car got stuck in second gear, but it’s a mistake I got away with even though I lost about five seconds. The light was bad too and I was struggling to keep heat in the tyres. But I won, that’s what matters.”

We hope to upload a video of Jenson’s win later. For the meantime, here’s a video of our winner talking about the qualifying round:

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the last lap.

Jenson Button Shirtless Photos posted 11 May 2009. Updated 27 March 2017.