Boys Tuxedo Suits: Famous Boys Wearing Tuxedo Suits

Boys Tuxedo Suits: Famous Boys Tuxedo Celebrity Edition. What kind of tuxedos should teen boys wear to a formal affair? Something like Justin Bieber’s Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo suit would be cool.

Boys Tuxedo Suits Justin Bieber

However, don’t wear a rubber shoes like Justin’s white kicks. He can get away with it because he’s famous but you should go the conservative route and wear a leather shoes with your tuxedo.

justin bieber tuxedo fashion style

Boys Tuxedo Suits dolce gabbana

For more men’s tuxedo suits, check out Zac Efron’s tuxedo suit as well as Kellan Lutz’s tuxedo. [Sorry, the links no longer work.


Boys Tuxedo Suits Update: Celebrity Teens Edition
23 August 2011

International singing sensation Justin Bieber sure loves him his Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo suits, no? Here’s the Biebs at a red carpet event (the Golden Globes) wearing a black D&G tux. This time, the Canadian teen star went the more conservative route by ditching his white kicks.

Boys Tuxedo Suits Three Piece

The youngest one-third of the Jonas Brothers aka Nick Jonas aka Taylor Swift’s ex is a VMan Magazine cover boy. If Joan Rivers asked him her “Who are you wearing?” trademark question, he’d say Dolce and Gabbana which is what he’s wearing in this covershoot.

Boys Tuxedo Suits Nick Jonas

Nick also wore a tuxedo suit at the 2010 Critics Choice Award. We are not 100% sure if his boys tuxedo suit is from the Dolce & Gabbana collection. But we won’t be surprised if it is. After all, them D&G designers sure know how to make fab tuxes.

Nick Jonas Tuxedo Suit

Another major teen star who was spotted a Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo suit is Twilight actor Taylor Lautner. Here’s Taylor at the Oscars 2010 red carpet. He sure is a good lookin’ dude isn’t he? Let us keep our fingers crossed that he will turn out to be a really good actor in the future.

Boys Tuxedo Suits Taylor Lautner

Do you know any other male teen celebrity who wears Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo suits?

Boys Tuxedo Suits: Famous Boys Tuxedo Celebrity Edition posted 16 February 2011. Updated 27 March 2017.