JBS Mens Underwear: Danish Female Models in Men’s Underwear

JBS Mens Underwear: Danish Female Models in Men’s Underwear. Today in controversial advertising (read: creative advertising), we bring you these print ads from a Danish underwear company, JBS, which featured female models wearing men’s underwear? Why, you ask? Because according to the company, “Men do not want to look at naked men.” So instead of hiring male models to wear their undies, they opted to use female models instead.

jbs mens underwear

Maybe they have a good point. But how do you explain the report that David Beckham’s underwear ads for Emporio Armani supposedly increased the company’s underwear sales? Surely, that’s because a lot of men were staring at David’s underwear, no?


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JBS Men’s Underwear Female Model: Video Version. Here’s a video version of the print ads above. Well, actually, it doesn’t really feature the same models above but the idea behind the video is the same, that women are the better models for men’s underwear ads. Why? Because men who are the target market for men’s underwear don’t like to look at male models wearing nothing but their undies.

It would be interesting to note though whether these ads really drove up the sales of JBS men’s underwear. And if they did, whether the rate of increase is as high as when Giorgio Armani hired David Beckham to model the label’s underwear.

We heard the Armani sales skyrocketed through the roof following the release of Beckham’s ads but maybe it’s his female fans who started buying men’s underwear?¬†Or maybe the curious Italian footballer who wondered about whether the famous Beckham bulge is real bought thousands of Armani underwear to see whether somethings hidden in there that explains the Beckham “frontage”.

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